By Anonymous - 28/03/2012 16:25 - United States - Fort Worth

Today, one of my nostrils became completely blocked. At lunch time, I went out to my car to dig into my nose. When I finished, I held up the cornflake sized booger in victory. I noticed too late that my boss was in a car adjacent to me, shooting me a horrified look. FML
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You found the gold! You should be proud!

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I know this is gonna get millions of thumbs down but what is wrong with everyone on this site? They all need to chill the **** out and stop acting like menstruating girls!! ..that is all.

I love your description on ur profile. Detroit all the way, rap nation 4 evr.

You just missed off menstruating girls everywhere, I would hide now

78-I am actually starting to think that :P I have only started writing comments a few days and the amount of times people have tried to start fights is ridicules.

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I am not an animal....... Seinfeld

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For picking your nose? Yeah, because that's definately a valid reason to be fired.

gotta agree with 35. Would be a bit harsh to be fired for picking your own nose. It is however perfectly reasonable to fire someone for breaking wind.

WTF. Those are both equally gross. You should be fired for doing ANY of those two things.

Well, it's harsh to be fired for picking your nose yes, but having a root in another persons nostrils, now, that's understandable lol

You found the gold! You should be proud!

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Digs for gold: finds a diamond!

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Guess its a good time to retire with the gold you just found because I don't know if you boss will be keeping you around much longer.

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She a gold digger! Get down girl, go 'head get down. Get down girl, go 'head get down. ;b

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I bet that was the most awkward moment either of you had felt in your entire lives.

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That is seriously disgusting.

That sucks. I'd say you kinda deserved it for keeping a booger as an accomplishment though.

Lucky you didn't wipe it in your shirt or anything, and he seen that!