By he is going to hell - 18/09/2012 21:46 - Australia - Forestville

Today, I found out my little brother is a highly committed Nazi. He goes to meetings and everything, my parents think it's great he is "getting out and developing a social life." FML
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He's got your parents fooled. Next, he's gonna try and convert you

Silver lining: At least he doesn't have a fear of commitment like most men.

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Malkria 1

I am not sure how kampfortable people will be with this line of discussion.

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flockz 19

24, I believe I have the final solution for that. I mean Jew have a valid point, but I think we can continue going fuhrer.

flockz 19

i think we're all going to heil for this.

Idk according to the passion of the christ the Jews killed Jesus. soooooooo...... yea. The big guy might let this one go.

I think it is about time we all start acting like grown up Adolfs and stop this nonsense.

Sorry mods I shouldn't have gone that fuhrer. :/

The nein of you are definitely go to heil for these jokes

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These puns are Hitlarious

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dominic1221 6

Sounds like your brain cells are having a hard time working together.

ruabadfishtoo 0

yeah, OP is jealous of a guy who is an ignorant twat-faced piece of trash who is clearly lacking some sense.

iseyixes 18

Your brother is a follower of ignorance.

Yayy australia!! Except for that whole nazi group thing.. That's not too yay.

flockz 19

unlike the completely different Grammar Nazis, who sit in a dark basement and troll the internet.

Grammar nazis don't troll, they just correct illiterate people.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Flockz really just posted that? Oh how the mighty fall. (I'm holding out hope he uses the "it was my sister on my iPod" excuse.)

If it was in the American south, than he would more likely be a KKK member rather than a Nazi.