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By  CountDown681  |  0

why would you ever date someone who playsany of those games. there a shame to music as hole making people who have spent years honing thier skills as a real musican to be replaced by a few color buttons.

now that my rant is over. try to talk to him about it then see where it goes from there

  Itsonlythek  |  0

@ countdown: I hate it when people like you say stupid stuff like that. I LOVE guitar hero and I could play for hours but does that mean I don't know anything about real music or instruments? No, I'm a freaking music major. So stfu about things when you have no idea what you're talking about or any idea how to spell it. And stop being so ignorant by telling people not to date someone who plays video games.

I do hope you left him though, he should never ignore you like that, that's just wrong. Hope you didn't put up with that for all those years.

  stacianichole  |  2

whether or not someone plays video games shouldn't be a deal breaker...whether or not someone IGNORES their s.o. in favor of video games - understandable. also...holy grammar, batman. questions end with one of these: ? they're = they are, a hole is a void...and keep your singular/plural consistent. just sayin'.

  Hempseed  |  23

Ever heard of a space bar?
Also, why so many ellipses?

If you're gonna bash someone on account of their terrible grammar, at least make sure that your own grammar is on point beforehand. You'll end up making an ass of yourself otherwise.

Side note: Caps should never be used in the middle of a sentence - only at the beginning.

By  theanonimouse  |  0

... sorry, CountDown, but you're a shame to the English language as a whole. :<

Personally I think GH and RB are great alternatives for people who, say, don't feel like spending years learning how to play guitar, and would rather just play a video game. No, it's not the same as actually joining a band, just like playing Zelda isn't the same as buying a long sword and saving the world. They're both just VIDEO GAMES, meant for fun and recreation. It drives me crazy when people bash it just because they have some high and mighty idea that only they know what "real music" is. I mean, honestly?

As to the OP's problem, if he just flat-out ignores you when you try to speak to him, that's a problem, regardless of what he's doing at the time. However, if he just likes to play GH/RB and you for some reason choose to spite him for it, maybe it's best for both of you to end this now.

By  AllOrNever  |  0

A man has his needs, but if it gets to the point where he'd much rather allocate his time to playing a game than seeing his girlfriend, then it's most likely not going to end well.. that is, if this happens on a regular basis.

By  alex_vik  |  0

#19 - While that's all good on paper, you must not know that most of the people that play it act as if it's the real deal, and that they could easily play a real guitar.