By unknown - Canada - Winnipeg

Bye bye love

Today, I ran across the street due to a line of cars waiting for me to cross. Just as I reached the other side, my iPhone slipped out of my hand and fell into the road, just in time to get run over by multiple cars, one after the other. FML
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  sens3sfailing  |  24

I think that apples are much more mummy than androids. You always get circuits stuck in your teeth and get shocked, apples are just downright delicious! Lets argue about this instead!

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Why not run with an iPhone? Just don't be butter fingers and you'll be fun. I run with mine in my hand a lot and I have never ever dropped my iPhone, nor my iPhone 3G. I've never dropped an iPhone ever. It isn't hard to hold onto it.

  Pleonasm  |  34

23- It's a popular saying consisting of saying, basically, that OP is too cool to just scratch the screen like other people; he had to get it scrambled by a troop of cars.
He didn't imply it wasn't completely broken.
Maybe it's lost on some people, I dunno.

  CheeseHater  |  23

I remember that happening with my Nokia 3310 back in 2002, caused a 300 car pileup. It was horrible. I did find my phone though, so it was all well and good.

  BlueFlatts  |  20

I feel just one car would have destroyed your iPhone, even with an indestructible case. Didn't an FML from a couple months ago mention someone who simply dropped their phone with such a case as a test and it broke? Got to be less careless, if you had tripped you'd be in the same situation.

  pogue36  |  5

I've had it and ran over mine threw it at a wall everything and my iPhone survived I've even heard stories of it surviving in a busy intersection for over 30 minutes. They person testing it might haven't had the defender series.