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By unknown - 27/11/2012 18:45 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I ran across the street due to a line of cars waiting for me to cross. Just as I reached the other side, my iPhone slipped out of my hand and fell into the road, just in time to get run over by multiple cars, one after the other. FML
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Never run with an iPhone in your hand. Never.

Because just getting a crack in the screen is too mainstream


Never run with an iPhone in your hand. Never.

TwiztedYuri 9

1- It's just like running with scissors, but more tragic. R.I.P., OP's innocent iPhone.

Laurenlou 24

Well now OP has a great excuse to get an Android!

and here starts an iPhone vs. Android argument.

I think that apples are much more mummy than androids. You always get circuits stuck in your teeth and get shocked, apples are just downright delicious! Lets argue about this instead!

StalkerChick 13

58 meant yummy. (This comment is for the people who will thumb him/her down for one wrong letter)

justonecomment 2

Should've had best buys geek squad protection!

Why not run with an iPhone? Just don't be butter fingers and you'll be fun. I run with mine in my hand a lot and I have never ever dropped my iPhone, nor my iPhone 3G. I've never dropped an iPhone ever. It isn't hard to hold onto it.

This is why you have a grippy rubber case.

Why not run with an iPhone? It turns it into a iPad Mini! Everybody wins!!

Evilpirate 10

#105 Do you mean me? Luckily, no. I've had mine a year and not dropped it once. :)

You can run with a Nokia phone, but dropping that in the road would cause a car accident.

Because just getting a crack in the screen is too mainstream

Ran over by plenty of cars = completely broken

23- It's a popular saying consisting of saying, basically, that OP is too cool to just scratch the screen like other people; he had to get it scrambled by a troop of cars. He didn't imply it wasn't completely broken. Maybe it's lost on some people, I dunno.

KiddNYC1O 20

Truuu* Yours truly, 2 Chainzzz!

Can OP be a hipster if they own an iPhone?

zander4310 5

That kind of thing has happened to me numerous times, fortunately not with something near that valuable. I hope you didn't have anything too important on there!

I remember that happening with my Nokia 3310 back in 2002, caused a 300 car pileup. It was horrible. I did find my phone though, so it was all well and good.

I dunno about OP but i once shattered my iphone and the insurance company gave me a brand new once :) same goes with my macbook

You dropped a Nokia and it was stopped by the ground? Bullshit.

EDIT: before i get run over by grammar nazis *brand new one

42- that's an obvious typo, not bad spelling. Don't worry about it.

Oh, no it didn't. I had to go down a two mile hole to find it. The pileup was due to a whole block of destroyed roads, naturally.

eyebrowzzz 21

Why r ppl down voting this, it was a good comment


Agreed with #1. Don't run with your smartphone.

4- I say this way more often than I should have to, but there's literally a button for that :0

I'd rather run with a iPhone than the shit Thors hammer is made of.

I run with a RAZR, which is arguably better than running with scissors.

I have that fear of that happening when I walk across a busy road. I feel bad for you, hopefully you have apple care?!

justonecomment 2

Best Buys geek squad protection is way better than apple care!

kawaiichick 9

Really? In what way are they better than Apple Care? Honestly, I don't know.

Should've goten that invincible phone case, I hear they're only 80 dollars.

Only? Get an Otter Box. Invincible and half the cost.

Schizomaniac 24
BlueFlatts 20

I feel just one car would have destroyed your iPhone, even with an indestructible case. Didn't an FML from a couple months ago mention someone who simply dropped their phone with such a case as a test and it broke? Got to be less careless, if you had tripped you'd be in the same situation.

hunterluv1 20

13- would you rather not get it and have to pay $500 for another iPhone in situations similar (but less drastic) than this?

Actually, my teacher accidentally ran over her phone (she didn't notice she had dropped it at the door) and she had a life proof case, it survived

I've had it and ran over mine threw it at a wall everything and my iPhone survived I've even heard stories of it surviving in a busy intersection for over 30 minutes. They person testing it might haven't had the defender series.

Apple Care, Replacing your phone after God sends a plague of cars after it.

The Apple gods have deemed you unworthy. It may seem like over kill, but the multiple cars crushing your iPhone was just for good measure.

Who can challenge the whim of the iGods? YOU ARE NOT WORTHY, OP.

i wish i could give you two tumbs! ;-)

Yup, it's REAL smart to run across the street with your iPhone 5.

Who said they had the iPhone 5? All I read was "iPhone" nothing about the generation.

Sorry, I'm stupid, didn't read the FML clearly

jjames7543 13

I just imagined OP falling to their knees screaming "WHHHHYYYY???!!?!?!" towards the sky...

You just made this post ten times funnier.