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  Rawrshi  |  25

Monastat makes a chafing powder-gel that works wonders for preventing rubbing your thighs raw and isn't expensive at all (under $10). Don't be discouraged and it gets easier. Like #1 said, just keep going because being active is far better than doing nothing at all.

  Danne696  |  14

I saw this as kind of the same thing as getting aching muscles after working out, might feel bad now but it won't get better unless you continue.

  trollcrusher  |  17

Another bright side to the situation is that OP'S thighs were just numb! It seems that most people I'm aware of experience some serious, raw, burning pain when their thighs chafe. Especially during intense exercise, since sweat can run over the sores and further aggravate the discomfort... *shudders*

All the unpleasantness aside, good on you OP. Kudos for starting a healthy activity; your body will thank you and reap benefits if you stick with it.

By  Welshite  |  39

You're looking at it all wrong. Thighs rubbing together generate friction, which in turn generates energy. It's the next best renewable energy source, and you'll be hailed as the savior of all mankind.

By  Tripartita  |  44

This is why I use plenty of lube on my walks. Sure I get stares and shocked gasps from passersby when I need to apply more, but the intercrural bliss is worth it!