By bandit99999 - 19/08/2011 18:59 - United States

Today, to keep my phone safe while I went on some rides, I took it out of my pocket so I could put it in my bag. Just as I pulled it out, a woman ran into me, knocking my phone to the ground and breaking the screen. FML
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"And then I pulled out my gun!"

I don't care if it was an accident. Fuck that bitch up


"And then I pulled out my gun!"

"Boom biddy bye bye, Open up your eyes you'll be the next one to die"

"and then i polished it!"

is it weird that i thought dick when you said gun?

Are you r kelly?

I hope you beat her ass, or at least cut her up with the shards of your destroyed screen.

Butt........pirate Butt....pirate Sodommmmmeeeeeyyyyyy Sodomy

interesting profile picture you got there

Man, this aint my dad. This is a cellphone! I threw it on the ground! What you think Im stupid? Im not a part of this system! My dads not a phone! Duh!

I got mad so I took it, and I threw it on the ground!:P

So who was the phone?

Oh my God! Is the phone ok?!? But seriously why are you worried about a phone? Did you get hurt?

Well the good thing is that you can get a new one

Now he will just because you said that.

Good thing you were here to ensure the ensurer, or all hope would be lost

talk about a dropped call. lol. sorry op but see if it is under warranty or something.

At least it didn't break your actual phone you can easily replace the screen

I don't care if it was an accident. Fuck that bitch up

Love your pic.

Hahaha Your comment made me lol!

Inconsideration will be the death of us all.

She owes you a new phone!

Phone cases, ftw. I've broken 3 touch screen phones though, so I feel your pain.

That's why I don't get touch screen phones, i mess with my phone a lot and tend to drop it a lot so if i got a touch screen, it would be gone in a month

I feel that despite this weakness touch screen phones are superior to all others. I've dropped my iPhone multiple times, but I have an amazing case, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....

I don't get how ye always manage to break them iv had an iPod with 3 yrs and have dropped it everywhere and spilled drinks on it and it's perfectly fine :/

Lucky! I spilled Gatorade on my iPod and that was the of that iPod. Then I dropped my other one and bye to that one too.

you should break her face?...

punch her in the face so she knows who's boss.