By farhia97 - 08/11/2011 02:14 - United States

Today, I learned how much it hurts to put a mint up your nose. FML
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dumb ass *red foreman voice*



it's not easy being minty

Today, I lost faith in humanity even more. FML

So many places to stick things in, and OP sticks it up the nose. Tsk tsk

if it was one of those peppermint patties.. whoa...

Why so curious george?

I moderated this one :D

(16) Today, I learned people still have faith in humanity, WTF

Like a breath mint? Or the kind they put in the bottom of men's urinals?

Altoids - curiously strong mints

I putting a tic tac up my nose but it doesn't hurt what the hell?

Curiosity is the Cats death

I sincerely hope you at least made some money off your friends in exchange for that one.

If not she is an idiot for doing it for free

why would you do that? -.-

Question is,y WOULDNT! He do that!?

Fuck 105 I was gonna say that >:L

Fuck 105 I was gonna say that >:L

Did u mistake it for coke?

It's a mentos... They're the fresh maker...

because coke always goes up your nose :)

44 - kid, you're 15. You realize by now what kind of coke they meant

Sticking something up your nose is always a bad idea.

Orly because I stuck a mint up my nose and it got stuck. Ok it is a bad idea!!!!!

When I was little I put a popcorn kernel in my ear but I was five you have downs

Future doctor over here!

Dang the mods are fast. Comment I had here is now irrelevant.

Future doctor over here!

Now when you sneeze it will be minty fresh!!

You don't need to say it twice