By The Last One - 11/03/2012 06:39 - Canada

Today, in the locker room at work, someone tried writing "douche bag" on my locker, and misspelled it four times before apparently giving up. FML
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That guys a dochebag... No wait, doucheebag... I mean douhebag... Doushbag? **** it.


K_kanaka 26

God, if your gonna pull a prank like that at least spell the fucken words right.

Yeah, they're just going to embarrass themselves.

God if you're going to make a comment about spelling words correctly at least don't say "fucken".

PYLrulz 17

27 - agreed, especially since there isn't a word filter in FML

ss_20_xx 14
SmallyBigs 9

OP needs to stop being a Dooshbag.

VoIdemort 0

Doochebag. Doshbahg. Dochébag. Ducheba-- **** this, I'll be a stripper.

It seems like the guy who tried writing on your locker should have been the one writing this FML.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Fail-person: "Dushebag? No... Duchbag? Dammit... Dushchbag? Shit! Duchshbag? **** this shit."

I wouldn't be offended at all by that, just because the fact that the person who's calling you a douche bag, is a complete dumbass

XxDancerGirlxX 17
DontClickOnMe 28

Well I'm guessing you saw who it was and now you know what they think of you. Sounds like it's time for revenge. >:)

RahmEsHestos 5

OP came to work and when in the locker room saw that someone had tried to write douche bag on his locker... He never said anything about seeing who it was

firefighterjohn 9

at least they are done writing stuff on your locker

danielreader22 4

Yeah after writing 'dooshbag' on it four times. Wait...

That guys a dochebag... No wait, doucheebag... I mean douhebag... Doushbag? **** it.

Pebbles89 9

"Doosh" in Russian means shower. LOL! I love my heritage! :D

Had you been a little more educated within the subject (etymology), then you would've known that douche is French for shower and actually means to undergo some form of hygienic process involving water - but I understand its usage is not excessively common - in English as well. Though OPs new-found nemesis most definitely meant the slang.

rotflqtms_ 21

Ok, and the word douche in French is also shower... But for English speakers, the douche bag is used for squirting water into a body cavity, usually a vaginal body cavity, but sometimes it's used as an enema (anally with a different nozzle attachment)... like a shower for down there, so yeah, it works out that the word translates to shower, because... It kind of is a shower...for a body cavity

rotflqtms_ 21

My comment was meant for #8, not #14. I just took too long to type it...

TexasJosh 0

Would have just been easier to tell people to stop arguing and google it. Just a thought.

rotflqtms_ 21

but some people are too lazy to google...

Friendzonian 0

Well said. Some peapole just nede to lern too spel

Pebbles89 9

You people are SO smart! Good job.

loserboii 11

That's not an fml, that's something you put on facebook and blast them. This one is ******* hilarious

In Russia, the locker writes douchee...dooch...doooshe......……

DKParth13 5

In america we write shower!

Apparently, you pissed someone off. However, you really don't have to worry, the culprit is too stupid to be able to actually harm you.

How is this an FML, wouldn't it be the other way around since they're the ones who can't spell?

RahmEsHestos 5

I've thought this a few times for a variety of different fmls

WeAreAHurricane 14

Ya but then they would have to write the FML....and well, there's some people autocorrect can do nothing for.

mega20913 8

don't worry...they're obviously a dumbass

fsimmo 0

Doucche Douse Dousse Duse Aw forget it Lmao