By Emily - 06/07/2011 08:33 - Australia

Today, I got home to three boys riding bikes out in front of my house, smiling at me. I instantly thought they were checking me out, so I smiled sweetly at them. Turns out they were flaunting the fact that they just stole all 3 of our bikes. FML
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get a car and ride them over

btown99909 0

at least they were nice enough to let you know they were stealing your bikes, most people don't even do that these days.


get a car and ride them over

Bring a gun or baseball bat and teach them to **** off too.


^ win!

how could you not notice they were your bikes XD

and then smile :D

26 it sometimes takes a little moment to realize something is yours.

Blackmail111 9

OR you could steel their cars and drive around their front lawns smiling

This is why you never assume you're being checked out.

acts of homicide are always the best and most logical solution.

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shitty deal

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Lmao well maybe they were stealing your bike because they were checking you out.


Ya, op they were staring at you so much that they didn't even realize that they had your bikes instead of their own! DUH! ;)

2- I'm sorry but WHAT????

uhhh so they were looking for a reason to check the OP out, stealing her (and/her family's) bikes came in to mind?

38- Of course! Every time I want to check someone out, I steal their bike. It's the best way.

2 yeah cuz that makes totally makes sense

** that totally makes sense...sorry lol

hey man, I was just trying to make sense what 2 said. I'm still confused as to what he said though.

Do I smell a MILF?

Do I smell a MILF?

Why do you have 3 bikes?

Because OP is a extreme badass who can ride three bikes at once.

3 people in the family? notice the "our" in "stole all our bikes"

?? maybe she has a family??

12- That's not very badass. I can easily ride four at once.

-47 Not even, I do 3 unicycles, 4 bicycles, and a tricycle (Yes I'm a Russian bear)

Lulblast 4

your pic. it completes me.

number 58, that explains your name.....ha

hah at first I thought you meant out the front door of your house... so why would you be concerned with them 'checking you out' but now I get it..

Hey I tried to message you but I couldn't find out how lol.. Message me Hun.

Someone is desperate.

I agree with number 7

Aww that's so sweet.

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Go get an apache and chase them down until they surrender the bikes. Then kidnap them and take them to Casey Anthonys house. They'll be dead within a week, so she can go party.

Casey Anthony didn't kill her daughter. now quit being such an ass.


16 is retarded... She frickin duct taped the kids arms together, stuffed her in her trunk and then when it started to smell too bad threw her in the woods. WTF kind of parent also doesn't report their kid missing for an entire month!?!? She is a cold blooded killer

JustinThunder 8

Did you even pay attention to the trial?

okokok. first, she lied to the cops. that is big nono. second, how is it an "accident" if there was duct tape on the child? all of te signs say guilty