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By Undercooked - 24/09/2013 19:08 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, my girlfriend made bacon sandwiches for lunch. I didn't want to be rude, but I couldn't help but mention that the bacon smelled and tasted weird. I thought it may have expired. She said not to worry because she used the dry bacon under the counter. Those were dog treats. FML
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DreamStatic 8

You must have been beggin for real bacon after that.

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Gotta get that bacon!


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Mabye she has been eating dog treats all her life instead of bacon. Common mistake.

150493x 29

If you have to explain then it wasn't that good

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starmielin 7

Someone already mentioned this, but I would just like to reaffirm that I think it's a good idea that you put your keyboard away for the day dyingpie. Are you trying to get a total of -100 for the day or what?

Im sorry I'm trying to comment my best but I guess i just suck at it.

Ouch DyingPie... I actually feel bad for the number of down votes you got for that. You know what, we've all had our fair share of failed funnies. Here, I'll join you in the down vote sewer. Wouldn't Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus make the most adorable baby?

...annnd I got upvoted. My lovely FML community, you are the definition of spiteful.

DreamStatic 8

You must have been beggin for real bacon after that.

When I was little, my step dad tricked me into eating dog treats by saying they were cookies.

Rainhawk94 27

cool story bro. don't tell it again

Because everyone is SUPER nice and friendly on the Internet!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'm super nice and friendly on the Internet. Almost too nice and friendly some say..

Gingerette 8
yawateverok 10

What the actual ****. What were you trying to say 105?

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Gotta get that bacon!

KingCeltic77 18

I'd get it myself but I don't have thumbs!

Crunchy bacon, crispy bacon, tasty bacon!

On that bag, what's it say?? *exasperated pant* I CAN'T READ!!

hooligyn123 18

Girlfriends don't know it's not bacon!

challan 19

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at least she makes sandwiches...* it's something

I don't think OP's girlfriend was very bright. She must be pretty.

kyu_Q 19

Why would you use bacon that's under the sink? And that probably has a dog in the bag

Damn you must really... Get the bitches YEAAAAHHHHHH

Your dog is probably furious. What a waste of bacon dog-treats.

it's still bacon. I mean could it really be that bad?

Little4Bear 10

Down girl! Would you like to try it for yourself? It's not "still bacon", they were doggie treats...

I've eaten dog bacon's not horrible.

It's not bacon. Beggin Strips are made out of corn meal and bacon FLAVOR, not actual bacon. While they might not taste horrible to you, any and all animal food products are not made for human consumption.

IworkAt711 14

A lot of dog treats are made of the shit they scrape up off a slaughterhouse floor. I feel bad even feeding my dog that stuff.

58 - I worked in the pet food industry for ten years. My dog eats local raw and homemade treats now. Good reason. He's six and he looks and acts barely two, perfect teeth, beautiful coat, never any health problems. I'm a vegetarian with more meat in her freezer than most omnivores...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#71- I definitely agree about feeding dogs raw meat diets. Healthier than any store-bought food, however it's very expensive.

72 - Not really! Depends on the size of the dog and how you go about doing it. My dog is about 25lbs (up to 30lbs in winter, he gets tubby around Christmas because Mom always gives him the turkey necks, giblets and extra bits from meat she trims to freeze for winter, and whatever goodies he mooches from guests). I was buying a 15lb bag of Orijen a month (roughly $53) when I first got him. I spend around $60/month on raw, and I get fancier stuff because I'm too lazy to cut things up myself. Chicken necks from the grocery store need trimming, but go for less than a buck a pound here. If you have a good local butcher then you can often get off-cuts of beef or lamb for cheap. Then you'd need a little extra muscle meat and some organ meat (the 80/10/10 meat/bone/organ ratio is pretty easy to follow, the diet has to have some fat in it too though). Not terribly much more expensive than quality dog food, just takes a bit more time to hunt down and prepare, especially if you have larger dogs. One local raw food producer here makes giant rolls of frozen ground raw, which are pretty inexpensive compared to the patties/containers of local ground that I buy, but need to be cut into smaller pieces because unless you have three Great Danes or Newfs, no dog will eat it before it goes bad once thawed. It's not cheaper than the grocery store swill, but I save mountains in vet bills. Teeth cleaning alone would cost about a grand to do if he were eating cheap vet swill, he gets rabies vaccine every three years, Lyme isn't endemic in my city so we don't do that, kennel cough isn't necessary unless you kennel your dog, and most other vaccines really only need to be done every 4-6 years. I get a blood test for heartworm at the beginning and end of season, because the treatment for heartworm is the same as the prevention and is both expensive and toxic, and he's never had it because he's thick coated and I use mosquito repellent. Never had fleas, either. I don't pay for grooming, his coat is so gorgeous that he really only needs a bath twice a year when he's blowing it so I do it myself (Border Collie). So food and poop bags are really his only expenses, he likes snacks like carrots, cucumbers and bananas, and the squishy berries that we don't want to eat, so I only make liver treats once a year and freeze them. :)

Could you share with me what type of treats you make I don't like giving my animal store bought stuff like that I think they should eat as well as we do well as far as healthy wise. I would appreciate it.

LilFlutter 10

Bananas are bad for dogs' teeth (can cause cavities, which are rare in dogs, but almost always linked to bananas), so it is best to avoid them.