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Today, I helped myself to some homemade biscuits that had been left in the kitchen. I thought they looked a little odd, but they tasted pretty good. I found out later they were homemade dog treats. FML
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Now you know how Shaggy feels.

15 - I read the comment so fast I didn't notice until I read yours...


15 - I read the comment so fast I didn't notice until I read yours...

yummycupkake 0

were you beggin' for those strips?

Lmao beggin strips ^^ :Pmy dog eats thoose

blanquito 1

I bet your dad barks out of the car window when hes drunk, right?

I don't get it. what's so weird about that? I eat doggy biscuits (French) all the time.

2ndSucks 15

You didnt notice the meaty flavor?

I eat dog food for breakfast, is that bad:(

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no, I think op meant "too,"

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My friends dad doesn't even have tu be drunk....

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now you'll have shiny hair and white teeth!!! look at the bright side!!

Yeah, really. I make these apple biscuit things for my dogs and they're really good. I mean, if they're homemade then obviously they were made with edible stuff from the kitchen.

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at least they tasted good! and they aren't bad for you. nbd.

Yeah I used to love them when I was little!

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and since they are homemade they won't have the chemicals dogfood companies add to make them toxic to humans.

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you are so dumb, really really dumb.

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whats wrong withe pokemon?

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21- Way to throw Pokémon fans under the bus.

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Agree with #21. Asians are ******* weird. period

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my pokemon picture is the shit

dog treats have all of the same ingredients that we eat so why is that dumb?

well,, obviously! y'all don't know where he got that from :)

and this coming from someone who advertises having a "dirty mind" on her profile desc? hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband too caus

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thank you ppl who got the joke ugly dirty minded 12 year old Ginger hop off.

IS THAT A REAL CAT????!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!?????!!!!

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I don't think 12 year olds should be on this site or people without souls

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Now you know how Shaggy feels.

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hey, shaggy used to love those things!

Velma-Would you do it for a...SCOOBY Sanck?

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damn right I would do it for a evolve sanck

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scooby scooby do, where are you. ahhh i remember that stuff

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haha well at least they won't do ya any harm. should have made sure first tho, but not really an "FML" as long as they "tasted good"

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hahah that sucks. did they taste good?

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She.... don't mean to be a corrector but it is a woman/ girl.