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  phreshboi  |  1

yeah guys but he can't phone them unless they phone you, that way u can't keep on phoning them and nagging them. and if anything send an email to the work explaing wat happend, If u have Internet (could have been a bundle)

  RODEOqueen  |  0

Agreed 29. You call them and let them know what happened, and if you're too embarrassed then call back acting like it's a follow up call.

Things are bound to turn around sometime! Keep your head up. :)


don't know what kind of service you have, both my cell and my land line stop accepting calls when the are shut off. With the exception that I am supposed to be able to call 911 from my cell even if I have no service. Not sure if it works i've never tried it.

  piinkbunnii  |  1

If you your cellphone is your only way of communication, then yes you are screwed!!!

But don't you have a house phone? The job should have a number, you can call so you can explain the situation!!

By  N0vemberaccou_19  |  4

Why don't you just call them, and explain that there is a problem with your phone, and then if they've made a decision, they can tell you then. If they haven't made a decision, set up another way for them to let you know, either they call one of your friends, they email you, or you call them back tomorrow on a pay phone or a friend's phone. I'm sure they'll understand.