By goodtiming - 20/5/2010 16:58 - Canada
Today, I finally got a job interview, and I thought it went amazing. They were supposed to call me today or tomorrow with the news. Today is also the day that my phone company decided to cut my phone off. FML
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  phreshboi  |  1

yeah guys but he can't phone them unless they phone you, that way u can't keep on phoning them and nagging them. and if anything send an email to the work explaing wat happend, If u have Internet (could have been a bundle)

  RODEOqueen  |  0

Agreed 29. You call them and let them know what happened, and if you're too embarrassed then call back acting like it's a follow up call.

Things are bound to turn around sometime! Keep your head up. :)


don't know what kind of service you have, both my cell and my land line stop accepting calls when the are shut off. With the exception that I am supposed to be able to call 911 from my cell even if I have no service. Not sure if it works i've never tried it.

  piinkbunnii  |  1

If you your cellphone is your only way of communication, then yes you are screwed!!!

But don't you have a house phone? The job should have a number, you can call so you can explain the situation!!

By  N0vemberaccou_19  |  4

Why don't you just call them, and explain that there is a problem with your phone, and then if they've made a decision, they can tell you then. If they haven't made a decision, set up another way for them to let you know, either they call one of your friends, they email you, or you call them back tomorrow on a pay phone or a friend's phone. I'm sure they'll understand.