By baconlady - 31/08/2012 07:06 - United States

Today, I bought some perfume that I thought smelled absolutely amazing. Later, my boyfriend walked in, sniffed, and said, "What smells like bacon?" The bottle cost $83. They won't take a refund. FML
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And the problem with bacon scented perfume is??

Should've just bought bacon and saved $80.


And the problem with bacon scented perfume is??

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Boygenius50 8

That's what I thought as well. Bacon-scented perfume probably smells better than regular perfume.

Hopefully no animals start attacking OP if she changes her mind.

Well OPs boyfriend might get hungry and ask her to cook in the middle of sex. Would make another good fml.

Darkmagic666 9

Bacon scented perfume....that sounds awesome

I love the smell of bacon, but I can't imagine many women wanting to smell like it.. I wouldn't want to smell like it! That's a scent for the kitchen :P

monikersager 0

Maybe OP doesn't like bacon? I (sadly) know who people that don't.

enormouselephant 15

36- if that's a scent for the kitchen, wouldn't she be okay to wear it all the time?

RedPillSucks 31

The problem, of course, is she's vegan, and she works for PETA. She's going to get the crap beat out of her by two groups, but her boyfriend will suddently become much more attracted to her. I hope she can deal with the nibbling, erm ..., niggling doubts

70.. My thoughts exactly

because you post stupid comments like this...

Where did op get this?! I want some

How do you not know what bacon smells like? If you knew then buying bacon perfume would have been prevented. Nothing is wrong with bacon, but it might attract bugs and insects or animals like dogs and cats.

Her boyfriend will be happy now and convinced that she never really did leave the kitchen

worlds123dumbest 4

70... I love this sexist comment!!!!!!!!!! Made me laugh (:

Thursday737 7

29, i think i am the only one here on FML That understands your pic and name.

RedPillSucks 31

That's a picture of the old wankel rotory engine, right? Since they've stopped making them, I guess his profile name has come true

What guy doesn't love the smell of bacon???

For the guys out there like you, I hope you find a girl like me, I make my boyfriend cook of he doesn't get sex.

Boygenius50 8

148-Perdix > DocB

katiedoll6 7

So true

126 I think you called in a cat.

mynameisali 0

In anatomy I learned that men are attracted to the smell of bacon and women are attracted to the smell of chocolate chip cookies. So I don't know if your boyfriend was implying that it smelt bad or not, but it might be in your benefit to keep it :)

Relax. It's ok. It smells like bacon. Is a win win situation!!

Words to live by.

icrest80 4

I would definatly pay 83 $ for bacon scened cologne. The ladies would be all over me like the axe chocolate commercials

Did you think about smelling it on yourself before buying it?

Edit- everyones body chemicals react differently

soccergurrll 8

Well, what's wrong with smelling like bacon??

Dogs... Dogs everywhere.

That's why I always say F BITCHES GET BACON!

Exactly :) Bacon smell is best smell.

Should've just bought bacon and saved $80.

Unless a fat bitch pushes you away and takes it all.

40, that just defined unfunny...

42, actually it's a reference to a past FML about Wal mart, and how a large lady pushed OP out of the way to grab all the bacon because it was on sale.

Boygenius50 8

32-I love your Bio. Enclave 5evir

Bath in bacon ~.~ me squigglysta

Ohhh my apologies squeaky.

Yes, I dunno where you live, but here that would only be saving about 75$. Oh well, still cheaper.

What if she lives in the Wasteland and doesn't have $80?

I don't know about anyone else but if my wife / girlfriend smelled like bacon that would turn me on so much!

afallingstar 22

Maybe op's boyfriend is vegan?

Wow. Remind me not to sit on your lap next time we have bacon and eggs.

RedPillSucks 31

The new definition of "porking the pig" Not that you're a pig... Ow!! Ow!!! I didn't mean it like that!!!

salamq 6

so you're married and have a girlfriend? :p .. ok chill out I'm kidding!

You don't know if she's your wife or your girlfriend? :P

Don't panic OP, that's the best possible outcome! Boys love bacon-scented perfume.

Be careful he won't eat you as well. Us boys like the smell but the taste is even better!

msCherry973 2

What is OP

op just means original poster

Turtle_rebellion 10

Obtuse polygons

Overused Puns.

Bacon smells, tastes and looks like utter shit. Just say "most boys" next time.

Unless there Muslim or Jewish.

Keep it, he should be happy for a long time.

If he doesn't like it do what, it's your opinion that matters not his. But sorry op, that does suck.

As I do agree OP (or anyone in a relationship, for that matter) does have an opinion, and it should be valued. But in a relationship, if you have a perfume/cologne that your other half dislikes, then why would you go around wearing it, if it acts as some sort of repellant? Granted, bacon is a very delicious flavor/smell. But not on a human, it's better in a pan or on a plate. (or in a house, with a mouse....?)

RedPillSucks 31

I really like when perfume smells like bacon. I really like sex, when she's not fakin.... *runs from the barrage of rotten tomatoes*

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Guys like bacon... Hell, everybody likes bacon. I say that's a good use of $83 :P

Vegetarian's don't like bacon :(

3yellowzebras 19

But they love the smell of it, win win

ChrisTheCalm 9

Who told you that? Some vegetarians find meat very putrid, so why would they enjoy the smell?

I don't like bacon

Solution: If you want a guy who loves your bacon scent- walk through a logging camp early in the morning. The guys will follow you around drooling. Now you have a man who love your bacon scent- good luck :)