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  atitud3  |  12

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  RedPillSucks  |  31

The problem, of course, is she's vegan, and she works for PETA.
She's going to get the crap beat out of her by two groups,
but her boyfriend will suddently become much more attracted to her.
I hope she can deal with the nibbling, erm ..., niggling doubts

  MDTeddy  |  13

How do you not know what bacon smells like? If you knew then buying bacon perfume would have been prevented. Nothing is wrong with bacon, but it might attract bugs and insects or animals like dogs and cats.

  mynameisali  |  0

In anatomy I learned that men are attracted to the smell of bacon and women are attracted to the smell of chocolate chip cookies. So I don't know if your boyfriend was implying that it smelt bad or not, but it might be in your benefit to keep it :)

  Jaxx66  |  21

As I do agree OP (or anyone in a relationship, for that matter) does have an opinion, and it should be valued. But in a relationship, if you have a perfume/cologne that your other half dislikes, then why would you go around wearing it, if it acts as some sort of repellant? Granted, bacon is a very delicious flavor/smell. But not on a human, it's better in a pan or on a plate. (or in a house, with a mouse....?)

By  bReLiNg  |  18

Solution: If you want a guy who loves your bacon scent- walk through a logging camp early in the morning. The guys will follow you around drooling. Now you have a man who love your bacon scent- good luck :)