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"Bitch please I skinned one alive and turned into a purse." Is what you should answer.

Return the favor.


"Bitch please I skinned one alive and turned into a purse." Is what you should answer.

This was the best first comment I have ever seen. I might die happy, now.

I'm not even sure what that means.

Return the favor.

By all means.... YES! Return that favor!

make her a blonde 16 year old girl looking for guys who look like Harry Styles.

Well damn, what did you do to her to deserve that?

Hahaha yes!^^xD

Made her his ex

Well, it's time to change your number OP.

or make her phone number an ad for kinky one night stands

Craigslist ad for an "intruder sex fetish"? In her name of course.

I wouldn't recommend dating within the FML community. We're all a little fucked up here. Also, you're pathetic.

#55 A for effort

I'll give you an A for effort on that one, 55. Smooth move, man, smooth move. God damn it, 57! Why? Why!?

62- Oh yes! It's all SO clear now! How could we forget what you interpret every smiley to mean! Shame on us...

The sarcasm excuse? That's a paddlin'.

89 - What joke? You made a stupid comment and then cowered behind the "I was being sarcastic!" excuse when the downvotes started to roll in.

Grow up kid. :

Am I the only one who hates corny euphemisms for penises? "Wanna see my chocolate fire hose?"

I've got a nutty bar :D

You hungry for a sausage :)

You want to take a bite out of my footlong? ;). Because I ate a pastrami sandwich earlier and I'm stuffed. :/

69? ;) no im 21 silly goose!

Wanna cut my banana into pieces and put them in your cereal? no? okay ill escort myself out.

Sure, why the hell not, 48.. I need some potassium any way. No law suits, though. You're the one who asked!

Only if it can survive the fire... (that moment when you try to figure out if this comment is literal or figurative...)

Now we all know why she is your ex-wife... Because of her sparkling personality!

That's actually too funny!

Or rather immature and completely overdone. The best part is, if op can prove she did it, he can at least have charges pressed. It's illegal to post another's information online without their permission. And extremely easy to prove...

You need to return the favor, without a doubt. If not on Craigslist, OkCupid has enough creepers to keep her occupied for ages.

not just one site many sites. many many sites. this revenge shall be like ice cream, sweet and best served cold

I just grossed myself out by picturing cum on an ice cream cone xD

...but very entertaining!

OP: "Last week actually." OP is secretly Adam Richman.

We'll that just sucks. You should return the favour