By mandm - 24/09/2013 21:01 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I had to explain to my son why it is not okay to slap old women's butts. He's 16. FML
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I'm really not sure how you can get to 16 and NOT know that.

It's ok if he says "good game" after.


He likes the cougars

Did he slap yours?

@34 I almost threw up... Please don't make me picture that scene.

I'm really not sure how you can get to 16 and NOT know that.

Well there's more than one thing wrong in this scenario, I think it's safe to say that.

What a naughty boy....

Sounds like we have an ass man on our hands.

Maybe he just likes older women..

He should still know well enough to not go around slapping asses without permission.

And if that doesn't work, wait till one of those women end up being the crap out of him to see if he learns.

How can a granny be a crap out of hi...... oh no no no NO, I don't wanna know..

Or maybe granny will seduce him!

Has everyone forgotten the granny who kicked a doctor in the balls and did a choke hold on a security guy? OP, your son better watch out.

22, just wait til he touches an old woman with a walker and a temper.

It's ok if he says "good game" after.

that must have been very awkward for you and the lady

Eliseopwns 22

Slap his fucking face.

While what he was doing was a physical thing, he still shouldn't get violently disciplined, unless it was by the old lady, since she was the only one who got directly hurt. The parent, however, should explain why that was a terrible thing to do. Slapping him will only teach him that slapping is alright. I was never slapped, and instead had things explained to me, and I was a very well behaved child. Long story short, what he was doing wasn't violence, so the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

Eliseopwns 22

I'm afraid i disagree, Aradia. Such inappropriate behavior is a huge deal, especially in public. Women, young or old, and people in goddamn general, should be respected.

Is he into grannies already?? Your son needs a spanking..

I'm pretty sure OP would be dead by now if she had a sun.

Yeah. Curse that 5778 K temperature!

I wish I could say it was a typo, unfortunately it was a brain fart..

Well, at least you admitted it instead of blaming it on auto correct.

Did they not explain at the time?