By Joy - 16/06/2010 14:42 - Denmark

Today, we had guests coming over. My dad wanted me to make some bacon, but I refused because I'm a vegetarian, and don't like to touch meat. His response? 'Good joke honey, now make the bacon.' FML
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or maybe the,"good joke honey" was sarcasm for,"I know you've given a million handjobs,just touch it" think about it!!

or your dad knows you are a vegetarian but assumed that you could still at least touch meat. refusing to touch it seems extreme.


ydi for not eating meat veggetarians are stupid #1


agreed. op ydi for going against the natural order. meat is essential for healthy living. now go get a wendys baconator.

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You should have just used Bac-os brand bacon bits. Those are vegan!

What's with all the recent FML's about everyones parents not loving them. Just go in a hole and eat fricken lettuce.

ok I'm sorry. nuthin with the word bacon in it can be for vegitarians. that's like eating pigs in the blanket without sausage. ud b eating bread!

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Uhm, animals are eaten by other animals everyday. It's a part of something I like to call Nature... You, sir, are unnatural (:

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Oops, replied to wrong comment

need meats in ur diet so ydi.....guessn u dont like man meat either lmao

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there's nothing wrong with vegetarians(: op; my stepdad always tries to get me to eat cowburgers/ chicken.. so I get where you're coming from(:

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I don't like bacon either especially since I've had pet pigs

you might think ur a good person for not eating meat, but it just shows you're kind of unintelligent. it's not like you're saving any animals. they will still die, somebody else will just get the meat. you're not helping the world, you're just kinda ******* yourself out of protein O.o

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nu uhh a lot of vegitarians and vegans take pills to make up for it. and they're not eating as much fat as ppl who eat meat

FYL, OP. Meat-eaters are stupid, anyway. How on earth could it be okay to eat innocent animals? Brutes.

I guess the world has ALOT of brutes. time to eat mah kfc. 

lby they I meant the vegetarians. I always forget to clarify.

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why should vegitarians be forced to do something for their lazy dad that goes against who they are ? people don't have to touch things if they don't want to

well u have an excuse you can't eat it without seeing pigglet ur pet.

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so you not only refuse eating animals but also refuse to cook them for your own family? idiot

well she doesn't wanna touch the meat if she doesn't eat it. I wouldn't touch pork, which I don't eat. go turkey bacon :)

people are supposed to eat meat.. dumbass people don' buddy stopped eating meat because his crazy ass girlfriend made him so now he's just sad pussifed man

Since your name is Joy, I can only assume you're a girl. In which case he shouldn't have needed to ask, seeing as you should have been in the kitchen already, making sandwiches. Just kidding! No one take that seriously haha. I'm def not a vegan, but I hateeee bacon! yuck! Also taking cellulase (an enzyme needed to digest cellulose, aka plant cell walls) capsules still probably won't put much protein into your diet, just sayin'. PS plants are alive too!

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89, if he didn't want to become a vegetarian he should have stood up for himself. it's his own fault for being a pushover , don't blame vegetarians

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Vegetarians are losers. And why do some still eat fish? effin retards

I'm also tired of people saying her dad is lazy. she has people coming over which means she should be helping. her dad is obviously busy and saw she wasn't. besides she has obligations to her family and it was HER decision to turn veggie.

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idk what you're talking about because anyone who eats fish is not a vegetarian. besides there are other ways to help get ready for the guests to come. if making bacon was the only thing to be done, her dad could do it himself

my opinion on this is that we as the human race didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat carrots

100, that's called pescetarianism. Not vegetarianism. :/

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u can still cook the bacon. just don't eat it. duh

Whose to say that it doesn't hurt the plants when you kill them to eat them? Plants are alive too. I'm sure they feel something. Just like animals, but either way, its a part of life. And bacon is awesome, you're missing out.

YDI. Your dad wants you to grab his bacon.

one slice of bacon and you will never want to be a vegetarian again. mmmmmmm bacon 

I think your dad was referring to the comment of not touching meat as a funny double entendre. you as a sensitive brat missed that.

Most importantly, vegetarians have standards which they stand up for. They don't want to eat meat, and who the **** does something he/she don't want to, is very unintelligent. I'm a vegetarian and I get the nutrients I need.

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you guys took it the whole wrong way op's dad meant another kind of meat ;)

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At least her dad is there i wish my sperm doner of my father paid attention to me oh wow a parent asked a kid to do something they don't like that is so unusal shut up whinning and don't eat it

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Respect the food chain, eat some meat.

spread the fail whale! ▄██████████████▄▐█▄▄▄▄█▌ ██████▌▄▌▄▐▐▌███▌▀▀██▀▀ ████▄█▌▄▌▄▐▐▌▀███▄▄█▌ ▄▄▄▄▄██████████████

OMG, some of u people are so insensitive! I'm vegetarian, because I feel guilty when I eat the fricken animals! The animals have lives too... Our digestive system is not even made to digest meat! if you go on YouTube and watch the videos of the farmers slaughtering the animals, you WILL feel bad too! It's fricken inhuman! We have minds and hearts, use it!

Those plants you eat had lives too. They had hopes and dreams and you just ate them. You are so cruel.

I'm a vegetarian and I get plenty of protein from beans and legumes. As for eating meat being "natural," caving up animals in spaces too small for them to stand up and turn around is cruel and unnatural. As for the animals " dying anyways," vegetarians reduce demand for meat. As for the op, she has her values nd she's sticking to them. I wouldn't ask someone who's pro- life to give someone an abortion even though I'm pro-choice. She absolutely has the eight tobrefuae to do something that is against her core beliefs.

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I love meat. can't ever give that up! haha ydi for being a veggiehead op

175- It was just a joke. I know plants can't have hopes and dreams. I'm not that stupid.

I know, I was just thinking about how some people would actually think I was serious.

Agreed with 163. I've been a veggie for 2 years. And one or two simple videos are what caused it.

I'm vegitarian but it's ok. thy make soy products flavoured like real foods. and protein also comes from peanut butter. :) also I went veggie bc I kept seein the animal faces when I ate it. so I stopped. plants don't have faces.

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Aha 122 that's what I was thinking at first, curse my dirty mind :/ OP - He isn't forcing you to eat the bacon, and it's understandable that he forgot. Parents don't remember every little thing about their kid and I doubt he observes you everytime you eat.

note to all vegetarians: My food ***** on your food.

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it's alright 214, everyone else thought it, but refuses to acknowledge it. lol they continue with their debates on meat and greens. lol

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excuse me #17 but I'm a vegetarian. so I guess i'm stupid. thnx :)

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#136 - Being a vegetarian is actually not as guilt free as you would like to know, for in making vegetarian products, millions of animals each year get killed by combines in the farming process. Technically meat eaters are actually using the meat, while your wheat and soy bean harvest kills are wasted. You aren't saving anything. The animals that get harvested have a brilliant life: They eat, sleep and shit in a field all their lives, lazy days all round. To be restricted by emotion is a weakness. Source:

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awww 21 I feel soo bad... stfu Boone cares

yes!!!!! i love those :) totally agree

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163 ummm yes our system is for digesting meat, that is one reason we have canine teeth to tear though meat. animals eat animals so there is nothing wrong with that. and lastly plants are living organisims to, so according to you we shouldn't eat them either unless you are judging their life as less.

why would veggies take cellulase tablets?? surely you break that shit down if you cook the food anyway...and if not, there's we seem to get along with just using as fibre. just sayin.. I'm not vegitarian, and I can empathise with people who are. I should point out that as good a friend an animal can be, it's probably against your dietry welfare to have emotional attachments to it :P. plants are generally better than animals eating full stop. they have different fats (can't distinguish between saturated and unsaturated right now, my brains absolutely dead..?) which cause less fat build up in arteries (atherosclerosis), reducing risk of coronary heart disease. foods like nuts provide alternative protein sources, and depending on how the person feels on eating microorganism waste you can get things like quorn (apparently has a different texture and doesn't taste as good as meat but is soooooo much better in terms of fat and protein intake.). sure guys, it's natural to eat meat. but it's also natural to eat plants aswell, you know, because humans can do both (umm detrivore comes to mind but I KNOW it's wrong :P I'm pretty sure that's 'eats dead matter'. god I need a sugary drink) anyway - health: eating plants>eating animals. taste: plants<animals difference to human system: plants=animals...

oh yeah, forgot to mention: I'm under the assumption that plants don't have nervous systems, so I reckon they don't feel anything.

some vegetarians take cellulase on order to be able to digest/get nutrients whatever plants they are eating. even the Russian KGB used to take cellulase capsules so they coukd digest bark from trees and other plants while they were on secret missions.

236- high five!!!! BLTs are fantastic.

oooh living off pills. how exciting! ******* retarded...

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actually the more people that but it the more they will kill

not as much need when you're boiling carrots methinks ^^ but I know what you mean :), it seems to be a pretty big flaw that we can't digest plant cell walls.

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maybe he said good joke cuz u said u don't like to touch meat as in like a penis. ur father thinks ur a *****. congrats :)

You were sexy looking for about 5 seconds. Your PETA views ruined it, ugly.

Technicolor, you've been a vegitarian for two years, but how long have you been a homosexual?

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plants don't have feelings or feel anything because they don't have a brain or nervous system to go with it!

vegetarians r all a bunch of retards! they fall in the same category as PETA nd the humane society which ,in fact, is not humane at all!!!

ok seriously, i swear nobody on here understands veggieterianism. also while animals eat other animals, animals also eat plants. and to whoever said plants would feel it, plants dont have brains. The people who say veggies are dumb are the dumb ones and should be ashamed for attacking people for a harmless way of life. she didn't want to touch the bacon, probably because she didn't like the idea of touching a dead animal. furtermore, animals eat other animals, so shouldent we? don't a lot of animals eat shit and **** different speices? people don't seem to realise that animals that eat eachother don't have morals like we do.

Maybe he thought the other kind of meat. That's why he thought it was a joke. haha

280- If you kept on reading, you would have seen I was kidding about plants having feelings. Jeez, none of yall can see a joke.

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I'm vegetarian (: 2 years and going strong

166 - plants r supposed to be consumed by god. they dnt have heart nor brain nor can they walk like animals so stop giving bullshit analogies for all those who say vegetarians r dumb, take my middle finger

my bad. I meant plants r meant to be consumed by humans

294- If you waited 2 seconds for what I just wrote above you, you'd understand I WAS KIDDING.

299 i did read it after i commented, sorry but ydi for not making it an obvious joke :p you were so close to 300 btw

veggies are ****** touchers and plant killers

well when you get really ignorant people like 302, it's hard to tell :)

I have no problem with vegetarians, as long as they don't try shoving their opinions down my throat. Somebody has got to eat all those vegetables.

your ******* retarded. they aren't poor inocent animals. they are here to be eaten. they are dumb unintelligent and have no thoughts.

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So you're implying that all you learned in elementary school (assuming you went to elementary school) about subtraction and addition is false... FYI, if I don't eat an animal, there is going to be one more animal that isn't eaten. It's simple logic. So, yes, she is saving an animal by not eating one. Unless, of course, there is a meat shortage, and all the meat is gone, but you probably don't know what a shortage is since you live in an over-developed country where there seems to be unlimited resources.

actually, it has been proven that plants do have senses and feelings, just not to the extent that humans do.

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BTW my comment was aimed at #58

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PETA- People Eat Tasty Animals

64- It is natural to eat other animals, by depriving yourself of doing so, you aren't saving any cows or chickens, they will still be prepared and serve. Normal people are forced to eat two times the normal amount to make up for one vegitarian. Stop the madness and be natural!

312- Animals aren't dumb or unintelligent and they do have thoughts. I eat meat, but I also like the actual animals, such as cows and chickens. They have brains, therefore they have thoughts. And they definitely have feelings. Animals are much better than most people, they don't judge people.

oh please. we all know your not against all meat ;)

a lot of vegetarians don't think they are making the world a better place. they just choose not to eat animals. I understand your choice for not eating meat, but you won't even cook it for someone else?

Sorry for being late, 68, (I have a life, you know) but plants don't feel pain. Animals roam around, do cute things, and cry out in pain when their throats are slit and they are placed in boiling water. Plants may be innocent, but they still grow back. :)

vegitarians: my food ***** on your food

169, its ok too feel guilty but in case you've been living under a rock, plants are living things too. They just dont move and dont make sound, but yet alive. Poor veggies getting their torsoes ripped off of their roots.

I feel ya. no one really notices in the family that people don't eat meat. you should have said no I don't eat meat. I will only eat meat when the LA Lakers win the superbowl

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I could never give up meat; maybe this will make your dad remember

You guys are all just coming off as ignorant by calling vegetarians idiots. It's our choice to not eat meat.

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ydi for being some bullshit vegatarian. people like you are the ones ruining america

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Mmm... venison. And yeah, it probably was a member of bambi's family. Do I care? Hell no. Besides, I don't eat the innocent animals. I only eat the ones that look guilty.

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"don't a lot of animals eat shit and **** different speices?" No. They don't. There are only a few rare cases where animals mate with other species. As for eating shit, there is technically nothing wrong with that, the only reason people don't is because of society and it's hand made standards and morals. And for future reference, if you fail to use proper grammar and spelling you come off as either a whiny zealot or asinine fool.

Anaxes 5

#328: Animals and Humans can think, but at different levels. Humans have developed more effective brains than animals, we are capable of far more complex thought, animals mainly have more rudimentary thought that is governed by instincts. And some animals are actually judgmental. If you chop off a cats whiskers, it will shy away from going near other cats in fear of being viewed as ugly.

380, there is nothing wrong with her grammar other than not using capitals. You pointed out one thing and decided to attack her on it, but then ignored her main argument completley. If you're going to troll, make sure you don't make yourself look this stupid--it ruins it.

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#151 yeah that's a whale of a fail alright. sheesh

being a vegetarian goes against nature. meat is essential in a person's diet. I feel bad when i hear about animals being slaughtered but you just gotta get over it and realize that humans are using the resources that are at hand to live a healthy life. meat is one of those resources. to me, being a vegetarian is not natural and is actually very weird.

Anaxes 5

#384 I picked one incorrect point of argument, I don't have to argue against everything. And I have placed factual information in an argument. Using crappy spelling and lack of capitalisation actually does make you look like an asinine fool/whiny zealot. As for lack of grammatical errors, whenever anyone comments on spelling, it is customary to add grammar to the sentence. You however have had a rage against what I have said with no factual information or input into the debate, which is characteristic of trolling.

No, Our system is not! A lot of people die from eating too much meat. And would you say that plants have hopes and dreams? no, not really. would you say that plants have familys? no, not really. the animals know when they are about to die, and then that negative energy goes into their meat, and then when you eat it, it goes into your body. Go watch some animal slaughter videos

You know most of you are killing lives for your own satisfation. You are only killing them because they taste good. And don't say your killing them for your protiens because you get a lot of protiens from food that aren't dead animals. by the way, milk is not a animal. so you get nuts, lentels, milk, cheese, etc.

38 - actually you don't need meat, you need protein, which is found on plenty of other food sources other than meat. Op - he was only asking you to make it, not eat it. I understand you'd much rather not even be near it, but if your dad really did need your help it's kind of rude to just refuse....I hope you at least offered to help with something else while he made it.

oh and by the way, we didn't have kanine teeth at the begining, but because humans ate so much meat, our teeth started growing differently and got sharper.

Anaxes 5

@Rawr Lamb (Especially soaked with vinegar and salt) tastes FAR better than nuts. I'll pay that part. Please tell me that "Negative Energy" is me hallucinating. Because if it's not and you aren't high. You. Are. Retarded. In. Ways. That. Are. Difficult. To. Explain. PS. Link me some slaughter videos.

Anaxes 5

Of course, you could explain what "Negative Energy" is. Until then, it's going in the same idea box as scientology. And that's a well known scam religion. Praise Xenu!

Anaxes 5

Animals don't have hopes or dreams, they just live. To get milk, cows still have to be stored in a farm. Your "Guiltless Grill" still causes death by combines. Your kills are just wastefull, we eat our kills. And I seriously want a response here, slaughter vids and definition of "Negative Energy"

well negative energy is like them being scared. or when they electrify the animals the shock goes into their meat...

no, I will not send u a link and name calling won't get you anywhere...Dufus

yes, meat tastes better than some stuff. but it's not worth killing. Most of the fumes that are causing global warming come from factories that slaughter animals

and I don't think that I'm "saving the world" by not eating meat, I just feel bad knowing that this was a animal with a life who got slaughtered in a brutal way

if you want to kill animals, kill your pet and eat it...there

Before the human race began to eat meat, we would spend all day looking or fruits, roots, and other gatherable objects. Then, once we began to eat meat, which provides 3 times more energy than plants for the same amount, we began to have spare time to create tools and evolve our species.

Anaxes 5

An animal being scared will not transfer anything into it's meat, it is 100% in it's head. Electrical current will not have a residue that remains in it's meat unless it burns the animal.

Anaxes 5

I will also reiterate what I said earlier but was moderated due to me sourcing my information. Because of your vegetarian diet, millions of animals are killed as a result of combine harvesting in wheat and soy farms. You haven't saved anything. The kills from your diet are wasted, just left there which if we'll use this "Negative Energy" that comes from being slowly crushed underneath a 2 tonne vehicle, it will enter the plants and still enter you.

58 the less people who eat meat, the less stores will buy meat, the less stores that buy meat, the less cows will be raised for slauter. plus op might hav other reasons for being a vegitairian. i know i do. ur dumbasses for saying they will b killed anyways.

The1AndAnonymous 2

that dad wins. didn't claw my way up to the top of the food chain to eat plants!

there is more than one reason to be a vegatarian "sir", some People think that by Not eating meat, they Balance out the People who eat Too much. don't Be a smartass ok? some people think differently than you do.

rofl? the less meat they sell the less they will kill Things...

k your debating skills are amazing. i think i am in Love with pingpongpickle.

LMAO. plants cant feel pain dumbass... did you go to scool 110??

i support vegetarians, but not wanting to touch meat is too extreme.

Barring paid chefs, the only people you're in charge of feeding are your dependent children, or dependent severely disabled/elderly adults. I see no reason why the father couldn't just get up and make his own food.

Considering the... physical state of many non-vegetarians, mainly those with heavy penchants for fast food, it's unlikely that you're physically able to claw your way to the top of anything. On the other hand, what your comment lacks in realism, it does make up in enthusiasm, I'll admit.

163- No body cares. It is very natural to eat meat. To be a modern human implies being an omnivour, able to eat both veggies and meat. People will eat meat no matter what you say or what you do to yourself and others. The number of animals set to be slaughtered will always be predetermined and is likely to increase forever. If you really want to be sad, try watching a baby sea lion starve to death in the wild and you can't do anything about it.

To everyone who says if a certain number starts refusing to eat meat will decrease the amount of meat ordered, your perception of supply and demand is misguided. Farmers breed animals each year for future meat. The number is not predetermined, but the farmer tries to get the most capacity. He then sells the herds at a price determined by market. The price depends on demand but the farmer will still sell that set amount. Therefore all you can do is determine the profit margin of farmers trying to make honest earnings. Thanks for trying to ruin someone else's livelyhood. Go QQ somewhere else.

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163 We are omnivores! We are made to digest meat and veggies! An haven't you seen those Youtube videos of kids picking veggies from their garden! They're awful! Plants have feelings too! Please stop with you holier-than-thou attitude :/

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349 Or the STL Rams! Lol XD

#256 : I'm gona take a wild guess and say you don't have any idea of the amount of drugs given to the animals you eat, mostly due to the very unhealthy environment they are in. Moreover, when you drink milk, eat meat, etc, you also eat some leftovers of those drugs. So, unless it's organic meat, enjoy your pills. Don't get me wrong : I eat meat, and enjoy the taiste. I just don't pretend it's healthy when it's not. I'm also aware that, in way to many cases, industry practices are so bad it would qualify as animal abuse if the animals were pets. And that's just hypocritical to be concerned about abuse for pets and not for other animals able to feel.

32 sir, we are called omnivores. Meaning we can eat both meat and plants or just plants if we choose. You sir are an idiot :)

every body stfu bcuz anyone who actually learns something from fml's have the I.Q. of ******* delicious BACON!!!! vagitarians r crazy mo' fo's

I can't believe I read all of this.

I know you will die younger than a veggie will.

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you can get protein from other things besides meat

110- plants do not feel anything, they do not have the right nerve cells if any at all, but some could have cells that release poison when they are damaged, such as fruit that, when bruised, secrete a chemical, brown in colour that kills bacteria, and I think some fungi too.

missmurderx 8

I love you, fellow vegetarians. :D stop the hating, silly jealousy. ;D

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380 i'm on my ipod and that was really late last night so i am sorry and 384 thanks but im a dude :) back to 380 yes thats what i'm saying, the whole animals eat other animals arguement is stupid, we have built our society up to have morals. also if you think that it's only on rare occasions that animals **** other speicies then you should have seen my pets :P but yeah, i'm not veggitarian but i know people who are and alot of them are ten times smarter than the people on here and to hear people on here say "veggies are dumb" and stuff like that really annoys me. and another reason for my bad grammer: ive just had English exams, i still need time to recover :P

Anaxes 5

Using a phone instead of the superiority of the keyboard, I'll pay that. I agree, people who say "veggies dum" are retarded and are a black stain on the human race as a whole. It goes back to my previous comment of Zealots and Asinine fools. On another note, I fail to see what convinced the mods to moderate my first comment where I introduced the fact animals still get killed due to vegetarian food habits. Pathetic, moderating a true fact (Even Sourced.) but not any of the pathetic crap that gets posted in my opinion, but that's beside the point.

328: Animals can definitely be judgemental. You're telling me you've never met a spiteful pet, particularly a spiteful cat? Why do male birds, like peacocks, get beautiful markings and perform elaborate rituals to attract mates? And what about the pack species that'll kick out old or infirm members to scavenge or die alone? No warm-and-fuzzy Disney behavior there. Only (some) domesticated animals don't judge people; to the rest, we're either deemed predator or prey. 380: ******* isn't the same as breeding/mating. Never seen a dog hump a human leg? It's a dominance thing. The whole "animals eat animals, so we should too!" argument isn't valid in this case. Animals will also eat their own species, and in some cases, people. Should we eat humans too, because sharks do? Animals also eat shit (my SIL's dog loves "sandy treats" from her cat's litter box). Should we put on bibs and belly-up to the litter box? *shudder* For the recorder (teehee) I'm an omnivore who prefers to eat more fresh fruits and veggies than meat. I don't really care if someone else is a vegetarian; just understand that if I don't share your beliefs, I'm not going to live your lifestyle. I don't judge people by their diets, and don't care to be judged by mine. I respect people who live out their convictions, because I live out mine. I'm just pointing out argument flaws, for da lulz.

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they aren't judgmental, they have survival instincts. so ofcourse they don't want a lame mate he would slow them down and put them in more danger. animals eat animals is valid because we are animals and are at the top of the food chain. and to the evolutionists who thinks we didn't have "sharp" teeth, even if we came from monkeys, have you seen a wild monkey in person? they don't look kind and have very sharp teeth. meat is protien, protien is energy. meat has more protien, thus more energy, than plants. so if you are active you need more energy so eating meat fat won't make you fat because you use the energy. ps fat is just stored energy to be used when your body needs it, and if you don't use your protiens that you eat it turns to fat, stored energy.

supernice 0

PPS there were to many stupid arguments on both sides to respond to.

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@326 That's the most intelligent thing I've read so far.

RedPillSucks 31

Sigh... 1. Animals can be judgmental. Abuse your pet for a while and see what happens. 2. Evolutionists don't believe humans descended from monkeys, they believe that humans and primates SHARED a common ancestor. 3. Just how far back in evolution do you intend to go to support your argument? Amoebas didn't have sharp teeth either, but they did eat "meat" such as it existed several billion years ago.

supernice 0

he is not judgmental he knows that you hurt him so he wants to stay away, hence survival instincts.

supernice 0

I don't belive in evolution, but in adaptation. and yes there is a major defference.

supernice 0

oh and the canine teeth was just an example of our digestive system being made to eat meat so evolution dosent really pertain toy first comment because the point is that we have them now.

supernice 0

oh and rawr, global warming is a natural part of our plant. not caused by humans, although we my have added a very small amount to it. there has been no large increase in temp. despite increase of carbon gasses.

Its pointless to argue over the internet. I would reply to all the people that disagree with me, but I don't feel like arguing. (-328)

427, despite the fact that I am omnivorous, I must confess that your handling of the above fallacious is totally logical and, dare I say, ingenious. Props!

RunnerBack33 1

vegans create global warming. YDI.

so how do vegans create global warming if cows create global warming with their methane gas farts? that's why I don't eat red meat. also cows are cute and nice. also I don't really like it. also it's not all that healthy . also I'm done saying also :] hehe.

Salaminizer 0

Well, if you eat said cows, you stop them from producing the methane farts. Problem solved. In short, being vegan, while healthy, does in some twisted way contribute to the destruction of the environment by not eliminating the source of the deadly cow farts.

Fewer cows will be bred if the demand for meat goes down. Just sayin'. mercy, wanna borrow my belly chain and transistor radio? ;)

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I know what you mean, same situatuion with my dad -__-

Sun_Kissed18 25

Is it really that common for people's parents to be oblivious?

RedPillSucks 31

yes. It's in the instruction manual.

or maybe the,"good joke honey" was sarcasm for,"I know you've given a million handjobs,just touch it" think about it!!

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that's what i was thinking. he probably means you play with meat all the time.

FYL because your husband is oblivious to things like that. But even though your a vegetarian you wont even touch meat? isn't that alittle bit far?

Lichinamo 33

I agree.Hun,you have to touch meat for your future children.You can't make THEM vegetarians just because you are.

Exact same thing as saying you can't just HAVE to force your children to be unnatural omnivores just because you are. Anyone who has studied it and knows the reasons for herbivorous human consumption sees it clear as day. You wouldn't touch the meat of a human being anyway. Once you know the truth, going back is pointless and insane.Espexcially if it's something you truly believe, a little bit like a religion, you would have weak reason to not raise your kids upon i

That's why you give kids meat and see if they like it enough. And people touch human flesh all the time. I mean, doctors and all. And it's extremely natural to eat meat, since humankind has done it since they existed. Animals do it as well. I don't mind people being vegetarian or vegan, I do mind them making lame ass excuses. Also: I'm one of the few girls actually feeling an aversion for jewelry. I don't even like to touch it. But still I do, because it's ******* normal.

So do you'll do anything as long as it's normal? I hope you don't wear jewelry just because it's normal.

And if she doesn't want any kids? Not everybody wants kids. I don't want kids, but I'll still touch meat for my long-term boyfriend. Even bacon

mmmmm bacon :). if u don't like to eat bacon ydi. 

So good they made it in bits for more fun.......

solecism 0

bac-os bacon bits are vegetarian- all it is is textured vegetable protein..

you don't like touching'll make someone a great wife some day

haha I thought the same thing. u don't like to touch meat? u must suck at handjobs! but I do wonder if shell take meat 