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By  rekege  |  17

Try to think of what you're apologizing for, and when you're about to say "Sorry", ask her if it feels good/what doesn't. Knowing what turns her on will boost your ego as well as hers.

Everybody deserves great sex, so work on it together. Good luck! :)


Ignore them zach. Most people on this site have their share of can tell that's exactly what they are when they use the following:

-You try too hard

-Stop commenting

-You're desperate

-Does getting thumbed up really mean that much to you?

...etc. Just keep doing your thing, and don't be bothered by them.

  l23VIVE  |  17

Man you are so right, and I feel sorry that any time you defend someone you automatically are kissing their ass... I know you aren't and that is what matters!!!

  Llamacod  |  11

no, I beloved he is talking about the fml where the guy gets thrown against the wall and sucker punched into oblivion by a 200 pound ex marine turned body builder for getting the daughter pregnant.