By John - 30/06/2012 05:08 - United States - Watertown

Today, I was fired for using violence and intimidation in the work place. I was a bouncer at a strip club. FML
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Damn what better job is there than a strip club ... You get to see boobies ...

Don't worry, there are better jobs out there for you:)


Don't worry, there are better jobs out there for you:)

I hear there are job openings in the super hero field of work.

Be a super hero. Bitches love super heroes.

Your picture + your comment are perfect matches lmao

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Well you forgot the simple rules "Be nice" and "Be nice" until it's time not to be nice. Gosh man didn't they make you watch Roadhouse in the orientation ??

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I think OP is leaving something out. I'm wondering if maybe they have warned him before or if he left out the word "Extreme"

Damn what better job is there than a strip club ... You get to see boobies ...

You can see boobies anywhere. Just type it in on google;)

Well sir your resume looks great. However, I must warn you its a shady working environment, the hours suck as does the pay.. but you get to see boobies! OP- ******* A I'll take it! probably what didn't happen.

Then go to the free **** sites. Get smart dude. As much as it sucks, use Bing.

Let's just say I'm not allowed on any site that involves ****, women, and whales.

Draw stick boobies. Then you can play with em :)

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Unless its a strip club like Magic Mike !

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37- "Oh how I love these circles on this stick woman's chest...seeeexy..." that sounds kinda like my brother :3

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The problem is, he was a bouncer at a strip club, therefore there were no boobies for OP and now no job either.

Buy one of those fake women companions. Only about 6 thousand US dollars. :-p

I want to know what he said to be moderated :(

it was just a really idiotic comment. don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from here on FML ;)

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You were doing your job hello I'd report the place FYL

Are you trying to say hello to me in the middle of your comment?

If he got fired he obviously wasn't doing his job very well. I see so many bouncers who try to start fights even when it's completely unnecessary, and these bouncers rarely know when to stop. People can get seriously injured sometimes. OP, I can't possibly believe that you got fired for just pushing someone away in self defense or something minor like that, and I'm so incredibly sick of bouncers who think they're the god damn FBI.

I agree with 43. Bouncers are there for security, not to throw their weight around and use violence. People like OP are what give bouncers bad names.

Maybe OP was actually doing his job correctly and his boss didn't know bouncers are there for security, maybe he thought bouncers are just doormen. We don't know for sure without more info from OP.

70: If we accept your premise, then the OP's former boss is an idiot. It's possible, but it's probably not the most likely explanation.

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Scared them straight out of there clothes.

How do you know my child hood nick name?!

28: The way you capitalized Jackass made me think you were trying to make a Johnny Knoxville reference. But you failed at that too...

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28- Make the correction and move along, like the rest of us do. No need to be an asshole about it.

I don't get why they didn't just take you to the side and tell you that you've used too much violence/intimidation, instead of firing you. It's not like you couldn't have toned it down..? FYL

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I don't get why you continue to comment. :)

Well I guess they're just not too many job options out there in need of high school bully skills.

Maybe he was bullied and wanted to get back at the people so he got buff and hopes one day they come and he does not let them in. Justice..

Is there any common sense left in the world? Oh well...

The results are in.... And the results are... No, there is no common sense left in this world.

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More than what youve done so hush! 'Cause remember! Ill rape ya! ;D

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Actually they have been somewhat clever. Also, I like how patrick is appalled by your accusations.

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48- He's not spamming. He's commenting. Spamming would entail posting nonsensical comments repeatedly and/or trolling. Just because he gets thumbed up more than you do, doesn't mean you need to try and insult him. Thumb him down and move on if he annoys you that badly. I'm stepping off my soap-box now... ;)

Well, you're not actually supposed to hit them...