By Anonymous - 13/08/2015 04:39 - United States - Mount Pleasant

Today, I realized I apologize too often as I said I was sorry to my boyfriend as he broke up with me. I apologized for being sad and making him feel bad. FML
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Why would it matter where OP is from? People in America and Europe can have this problem.

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sometimes people do this as a nervous habit, or genuinely feel most things are their fault.

Hey don't discriminate, Canadians can be heartless too!

#12. Michigan is just a left hand turn at the maple tree from Canada though... And people do move...

It's understandable. People from Michigan have a lot to be sorry about.

No she is correct anyone can have this problem no matter where they are from... I think she and everyone got what he said

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@55 Then why kill the joke? It was harmless.

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61, well, I think some Canadians might take offense to that..but who the hell cares?!

#54 like the condition Detroit is in...

I'm Canadian... We aren't all as apologetic as the media makes us out to be.

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You may be trying to joke, but don't stereotype.

She's from Michigan, but I understand where you're coming from OP. I used to apologize a lot as well when I was younger (when people crashed into me, when someone was in my way, etc.). Just work on it!

Same problem. It takes a lot to fix it, and it's usually habit. Try and catch yourself when saying 'I'm sorry' to sympathize and instead say 'I feel bad for you'. Good luck with your ex, as well OP.

My girlfriend does the same thing. It is actually a cute thing and it shows that you are kind and willing to take responsibility, but you should try to be a little more confident!

I have the same problem, one time I apologized for doing somebody's work for them after they said thank you, then I apologized for saying that instead of your welcome...

It seems like a hard habit to get over but on the bright side it shows how caring you are to try to spare someone's feelings ^^

You might want to fix that just in case you ever get into an automobile accident. People will take that as an acknowledgement of fault.

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Hey OP I definitely know how you feel and to be honest, it can be a pretty difficult habit to get out of. One thing that can help is, whenever possible, instead of apologizing for your emotions, thank people for dealing with them. Or in situations like these, remind yourself that what you feel is valid and does not need an apology.