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By notjustfat - 20/04/2016 23:24 - United States

Today, my boyfriend said he was no longer sexually attracted to me. He then followed that with, "But don't worry, it's not because you're fat." FML
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You should have told him good, because you weren't sexually attracted to him either. But it's not because of his micro penis.


You should have told him good, because you weren't sexually attracted to him either. But it's not because of his micro penis.

I don't think that would make OP feel better. Besides that wouldn't really hurt her boyfriend's feelings if he actually doesn't.

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Dang it. I was gonna say something similar.

Such a hurtful comeback..... honestly as soon as he said that to her she can't just say that back and expect him to be offended.

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If OP's bf isn't attracted to her, that's not his fault cause there's nothing he can do about it and I think it might be better to just say it rather than have an embarrassing situation where she tries to come onto him and he fails to get it up. The fat comment was dumb, but I'll play devils advocate for a moment. I can understand the hedging if OP is constantly stressed about her weight. My ex was really self conscious about her weight and it sucked to watch her beat herself up over it on a daily basis. If I screwed up and said something that she MIGHT have perceived as "you're fat", I probably would have backpedaled my way into a horrific faux pas too. As I understand society, most guys are very adverse to saying anything that would insinuate something negative about their girlfriends weight. OP's bf said something stupid, but that certainly doesn't mean he doesn't care about her. Or, he could be a total asshole. Never know.

My guess is that he said the fat part to stop OP immediately assuming that her weight was the reason he is no longer attracted to her. Perfectly understandable if she is self conscious about weight although not it was the most tactful way to say it.

Why say that? How is that gonna help the situation? Why is the first resort to say something more hurtful than what he said? Everytime a female post something where her boyfriend accidentally said something insulting, somebody is commenting telling her to say something even worse when he probably didn't even mean it.

Calm down there fellas, just a little joke.

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That's some feminist-teen-rebellious shit

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I mean... he could've found a much more subtle way to say that..

Break up with him. You don't deserve someone who will put you down.

You're not the brightest bulb in the shed are you?

Just stating my opinion on this matter.

Las11 I think that comment was because the FML implies that he is breaking up with her - that's how I interpreted it - in which case she couldn't break up with him...

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No dear, they said "you aren't the brightest lightbulb" because you are not saying the correct words. You said the OP doesn't deserve someone who puts her down, when you should have said the person who put the OP down doesn't deserve her, or that she doesn't deserve to be put down. In short you ****** up, and still don't realize it. Hope this helps.

ALittleFreak 15

Why have you not left him since he said that? If he's not attracted to you, and he obviously doesn't care for your feelings if he said it like that, why be with him? You're worth more than that OP. I don't think you should have made a comment about his "micro penis" like another person said, because that's pretty immature and it just makes it seem like you are just trying to hurt him because he hurt you. However I wouldn't stay with him.

Totally with you on this one #6. Very well put, you dont want to stoop down to his level which was both intentionally hurtful and childish. But thats not at all a healthy relationship for you OP. The sooner you can rid yourself of that storm cloud boyfriend...the better.

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You should follow with a break up

Sex isn't everything about a relationship. being that he isn't sexually attracted to you, it could be because the sex is lame and boring. Ask him what can be done to improve.

Nah. Maybe if he seemed genuinely concerned about their relationship and OP's feelings. But he's clearly not.

I literally had the same thing happen to me a month ago. He and I are no longer together.

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Except he used to be sexually attracted to her but isn't anymore so I'm pretty sure asexuality is the case her. If he'd never been sexually attracted to her or anyone else then he could be asexual.

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I would say well sorry I'm not attracted to assholes