By CatLady - 24/08/2009 13:38 - Canada

Today, my cat head-butted me awake as usual. I reached to pet him, but it wasn't his face I touched. It was the still-twitching corpse of the disemboweled rat he held in his jaws. FML
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"Wake up, lazy alpha. I've brought you an offering."

Well, where else is he gonna get you a gift? The mall?


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your cat killed it for you because it respects you. think of it that way if you want. the whole twitching carcass thing is gross though lol :p

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@31 I hate cats buy I wouldn't blame them for having one. they can have one if they want. troll fail is all I have to say to you.

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"Today I called first on an FML, but posted second. I fail at life"

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You forgot the FML. Or was that on purpose because someone who fails that hard would naturally forget the FML part?

It also means you don't have to get up and feed him for a couple more hours. Course, if he's an indoor kitty, it might mean you have vermin issues...

It sure does! You should be thankful for such a good little breadwinner haha

"Wake up, lazy alpha. I've brought you an offering."

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Damegreywulf you have no life for commenting on every fml. Get a life

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Fucktroll, trolling is one thing, but harassing other FML users is low.

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Dammit don't feed him, he is a good troll, Ive seen him a lot lately, just ignore the fat ass

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Nah, a good troll is one who stimulates an enormous argument and then leaves everyone doubting whether he's really a troll or not. Going around harassing people is not good trolling. It's scummy trolling.

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Says the person who found the time to count how many posts he had, and then cry about it.

Well, where else is he gonna get you a gift? The mall?

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thats a tad harsh to kill the cat ...

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@21 I hate cats too but some bleeding-heart animal rights group would go mental if they killed it...