By oww - 09/03/2010 11:14 - United States

Today, I learned not to jump off a stage if nobody is going to catch you. FML
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That's what you get for being a Jonas Brother.

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didn't watch Jack black do that in school of rock eh


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u guys r fast. I tried for first, but got owned. I didn't read the fml soooo.......ydi?

imaginary crowd surfing is a health hazard be careful o,o

Blue_Coconuts 7

When I had a band I always got caught. Our bass player jumped into a group of girls and almost got dropped (they scattered leaving two guys to catch him).. Probably what OP did. Don't jump into the group of girls... Concert playing 101.

Sooo I'm picturing a faceplant into hard Earth.. am I correct? OP, you fail at life.

theian01 3

Haven't you ever seen School of Rock?

hmmm practicing crowd surfing before the show is usually counter productive.

I'm guessing op had alot of people there in order to get the idea of crowd surfing, but I guess he/she just wasn't very good so they let them fall ;)

FYLDeep 25

That's not what they meant when they told you to break a leg before the show.

Alpha35 4

this is just plain common sense.............. society today lacks it

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ahhahahahahahaha quid pro quo doush baggggggg!!!

oh shit. i was just about to jump off a stage that no one was going to catch me at but then i read this and realized it could be a bad idea. thank you op. you may have just saved my life

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I always move when it's a guy haha but I was at a concert a few days ago and saw some girl about to jump. nobody went to catch her so I had to quickly reach up and I caught her. it was kinds scary cuz I was holding a drumstick I caught from the first band. coulda stabbed someone!

taussie 0

there was probably no one there .

YDI for trying to film a child pornography.

ya I bet the op is leaving the part out that they had took a quick sniff of some nut meg and jumped of a stage in an empty room.

114 No 116 that wasbt nutmeg OP i thought everyone knew that when ppl are booing that they dont like u and therefore wont catch you

nutmeg is actually a natural hallucinogenic... many people don't know that

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you learned that TODAY? you'd think by the age of 2 years, you would know not to...jump off of a stage when no one is going tocatch you..

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didn't watch Jack black do that in school of rock eh

Michael_92 20

Ummm DUH you don't do that...seriously did you think the angels were gonna save you??

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Ratings say not too many did.

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how is this a fml? it's just stupidity.

I was gonna say the Same thing #10 ... Fail... :P

The wording is just bad. He couldn't know that no one would catch him, people moved out of the way.

Wait did you jump with no crowd or did the crowd move out of the way and let you fall?

Felendris 0

I think both. he jumped onto the crowd-less ground and the ground seperated, enabling him to fall into hell. o.O

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why'd you jump if you knew? that's not very bright of you.

That's what you get for being a Jonas Brother.

wow this op is a smart person. falling hurts. who knew????!!!!

Jonas brothers like men......and skinny jeans......which make them like men......because there tight.....yeeeeaaaahhhhh

Not that I'm assuming anyone is saying I'm cute, but if that "not too bright" thing was towards me...someone shall die tonight. Through my sheer brainpower. Like Darth chokes the infidel with The Force, you too will suffer for this outrage. :)

Nah, it wasn't towards you, but if you want we can pretend. (I was assuming #96 was referring to #95 and I was referring to that.)

Haha, now you know, well, at least your okay (hopefully).

Ow. Just like in School of Rock, eh? YDI for being a fat awesome rock god.