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  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

When I had a band I always got caught.

Our bass player jumped into a group of girls and almost got dropped (they scattered leaving two guys to catch him).. Probably what OP did. Don't jump into the group of girls... Concert playing 101.

  sexxxtacy  |  0

oh shit. i was just about to jump off a stage that no one was going to catch me at but then i read this and realized it could be a bad idea. thank you op. you may have just saved my life


I always move when it's a guy haha but I was at a concert a few days ago and saw some girl about to jump. nobody went to catch her so I had to quickly reach up and I caught her. it was kinds scary cuz I was holding a drumstick I caught from the first band. coulda stabbed someone!

  astro_plastic  |  0

Not that I'm assuming anyone is saying I'm cute, but if that "not too bright" thing was towards me...someone shall die tonight. Through my sheer brainpower. Like Darth chokes the infidel with The Force, you too will suffer for this outrage. :)