By lily_marleen - Germany - Emskirchen
Today, I had an outdoor meeting with some important clients. It wasn't until the meeting was over that my coworker decided to inform me that I had bird poop in my hair "pretty much the entire time." FML
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By  Ramanella  |  26

That coworker probably wanted to look better. Sorry op. But hey, you probably took most of the attention because of it. Just not the kind of attention you may have wanted. Also, how did you not feel yourself getting crapped on?

  JayGatsby  |  25

As someone who had been crapped on by a bird, I can honestly say that you don't feel it at all. Also I agree that OP's coworker wanted to look better, but I'm also thinking that she didn't want to embarrass OP (and pulling her aside might hinder her confidence for the meeting). Still the coworker should have said something FYL.

  gc327072  |  29

Yes I do, 16. One once shat at the perfect angle to go into the a/c intake vent, and since owl shit is runny it went waaay in. Got in the car, cranked up the a/c to max and *boom* nose full of hooty-hoot stank. Ended up having to have the whole ventilation removed and thoroughly cleaned.