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Today, I woke up sweating and gasping for air after having a terrible nightmare. The nightmare involved my deceased mother-in-law bitching me out for being a bad influence on her daughter and threatening to cut my nuts off. Even in death, she won't leave me be. FML
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Nice try, though. (a comma makes this punctuation grammatically correct in the eyes of literature.)
^ Without "though" on the end, this would be a complete standalone sentence. However; the subject of the statement that came before it (the correction) makes it okay to add "though" on the end, making it a fragment, because the English language does allow for such loopholes. Yes, I checked my facts. No, I'm not giving you the leisure of a link-to, because you can look it up yourself.


My lack of a complete sentence was intentional. I was only correcting her because she has been correcting everyone. IHDGAF whether or not people have improper grammar or sentence fragments on FML.

  Caretaker21  |  4

A night terror is when someone appears awake at times & they scream, kick, flail. Easiest way to put it night terrors scare people witnessing them, where night mares scare the people having them.

By  loserman67  |  35

They say that persons that have gone on before us can watch over us, but they do not see things that they would normally not see during their life. But maybe you want to cool it with the anal sex and blow jobs with her daughter for awhile. No sense tempting the unknown...... JMHO