By outofajob - 08/07/2011 05:10 - United States

Today, after not receiving my paycheck for over a month, I confronted my boss about it. His response? "You still work here?" FML
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Just quietly walk back to your office and start to put stuff in your car like that expensive computer or printer for your taking.

Nothing like feeling unappreciated in the workplace... Sorry OP.


Couldnt help but to lol at this Fyl though hope you didn't end up working for free

bigfoot89 4

sucked in! haha how could you seriously not know!?

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burn the building down, after getting your stapler back.

how could he not know ? that's a dumb question he asked. but it sucks for you to be working for free after over a month HAHAHA how sad bro

Lmao, this is probably a scam to fool him into getting free labor while they still can.... damn beaners.

21- thank you for the office space reference :) that was the first thing I thought of too :)

Just quietly walk back to your office and start to put stuff in your car like that expensive computer or printer for your taking.

if it's company property I think that's called stealing...

well the company is stealing from the OP! it seems like his boss didnt make it clear enough for the OP to know that he's fired, so the company should pay him for the days he worked, or he can simply take something from his office that has the same worth as his monthly paycheck if they refuse to pay him lol.

Whether it's stealing or not, most offices have cheap computers..

steal the fire extinguisher amd cut all the phone lines and "accidentally" leave a cigarette in tye trash can and stick around until the fireworks start. thank me later

^Dwight, is that you?!

there's a cool way to fire someone. dont tell them they are fired, just let them keep working til they realize they aren't getting any money for this.

you're 15.. I'm assuming you've had the same problem with mommy's chores?

gmc_blossom 21

29- You're cool. Thinking his age matters here. I find it funny how whenever someone who is considered "young" comments on something, people judge them on their age instead of what their actual comment said. And yes, before you nicely point out, I'm 16.

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29 quit beig such a loser. why don't you go eat some bacon or something knowing your canadian. and for your Information I'm 15 too and I so work for my dad and I bet I make more in a month than you did at 15. and the dude you wrote that comment to may or may not have a job he's just throwing his opinion in which he IS entitled to. you are retarded

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oh and 29 if half of what you wrote in your bio is even true why arent you teaching any of that stuff instead of killing time on FML?

yeah. mommy's chores dont pay me no more. :( haha

Nothing like feeling unappreciated in the workplace... Sorry OP.

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or his boss is just a dick?

I'm fairly certain this is something you can settle in small claims if you have no documentation that states you were fired during the days you clocked in and worked.

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Put his stapler in jello. Then call it even.

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or put his wallet in the vending machine.

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YDI. If my check is a day late, i'm on someones nuts about it. A month?!? Yeah.. Sucks.

You ride someones' penis because your checks late?

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^^^ LMAO

Hahahaha good one :p

Who the hell waits more than 2 days, when they don't receive their paycheck, to say something about it?

a_nutritionist 10

those who dont monitor their bank account every 2 hours. if id have missed a paycheck i wouldnt know for a few weeks because i dont take money out regularly. its not like not getting paid that one time wont show up in both their records and yours, so who cares?

That's what I was thinking. You're a moron if you don't say anything for a month about not getting paid. And even worse if it takes that long for you to realize it.

who cares? people that have bills to pay .. maybe?

a_nutritionist 10

not everyone lives from paycheck to paycheck. some people actually have more money than just whats put in every week. hence why someone may not realise it not saying theres no situation where it might be important to know immediately, im saying it doesnt make you stupid for not doing so when you dont have to, because there is evidence that you havent been paid. seriously, get a clue.

what if his work only pays once a month that is becoming surprisingly more common especially at places that may pay a bit extra than their competitors. They only pay once a month so they can earn interest on all the pays first

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Niiiice xD