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Today, I had a mild epileptic seizure. My mom's immediate reaction was not to comfort me or call for help, but to freak out over the fact that I'd spilled my glass of milk over the floor. FML
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aren't we supposed to not cry over spilt milk?

Well yeah! She's the one who has to clean ip that mess, right! Jk hope you're ok, op!


Well yeah! She's the one who has to clean ip that mess, right! Jk hope you're ok, op!

How DARE you spill that milk while youre twitching uncontrolably!?!?! Youre grounded!!

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Whenever I read an FML like this I always have a hard time imagining a parent not treating their children well but I know that many people do and that's an awful thing. Clearly I've been blessed having the parents that I do!

She obviously wouldn't let you get away with that sorry excuse. It's always the same. First, it causes spilt milk. Then, it's making you sell drugs on the street corner. Will it ever end?

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Well, no sense crying over... Oh, wait.

Well i dont see why OP cant clean up milk, maybe his mom doesnt do everything for him :)

90- i think he was bussy laying on the floor Shaking.

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Pepole who are in shock do have diffrent ways to deal with it... Fyl op cuz still that was a pretty bad reaction

aren't we supposed to not cry over spilt milk?

Thanks for saying this so I didn't have to =)

Well in this case it's "don't freak out over spilled milk".

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some people are just not compassionate enough to be parents. OP's mother appears to be one of them.

It could be that op's mom is OCD. No matter how extreme the situation, if something falls out of line for an OCD person that is all they can focus on

sounds like she needs to straighten out her priorities

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You look like a penis with an inverted head.

Haha nice fake prof you sound and look like the douchiest person alive

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I had a mild seizure once and it was the worst thing ever... I'm so sorry, get better OP :(

Epilepsy is rough. Luckily I have supportive parents, unlike OP's mother.

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I had a grand-mal seizure and ended up in the hospital. Very scary... I hope you're okay op! Go to a doctor if you have another one. I have epilepsy and have to take pills the rest of my life :(

I have epilepsy myself, and it's not the worst thing ever because you just black out and then fall asleep's just if you're unlucky and it could last a long time and could possibly kill you...then it's the worst thing ever

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I had 2 grand mals and stopped breathing. my mom's first thought? that it was a hell of a way for my little sister to get her own room. i thought it was hilarious. op,get better and don't worry, nobody knows what their reaction will be to that kind of thing. chances are you'll laugh about it later.

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I've heard grand mal seizures are so rough and traumatic... Sorry to hear all your experiences:( I don't have epilepsy, nor do I know what happened but I just have to take pills until an EEG shows I'm healthy again.

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Never cry over spilled milk!

It's not always apparent that it's a seizure, people. "Mild" in this case could mean just a quick spasm which caused the OP to drop the glass. If the OP's seizures are far and few between its understandable that the mother didn't immediately realize what happened. However if the OP often has seizures of any degree, shame on the mother for being a stupid bitch. Her child is epileptic, it's really not that hard to forget.

The mom should still realize it is a seizure even if they are "far and few" her child is epileptic and she should be prepared 24/7

@dog Unless she wasn't paying attention an it didn't last very long

Epilepsy is a serious medical condition that does so much more than give you the occasional seizure. It can effect your speech, your reading and your writing. OPs mom is a cold hearted bitch that shouldn't be allowed a child.

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That's terrible! I'm sorry your mother is such a bitch! Hope you are ok.