By jemila - 01/06/2012 01:14 - United States

Today, I couldn't find my hairbrush anywhere; I ended up having to brush my hair with a fork. FML
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luckyd880 12

Plus, even if she was talking about a person using their energy I would think a fork would take a hell of a lot more effort and energy to brush with than with a hair brush. Hahaha. Nice try though. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

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Matty1188 6

39, obviously you haven't seen the rat's nests I've been unfortunate enough to encounter.

It's ok, you're just re-enacting that scene from little mermaid, right,

Who here thought of The Little Mermaid right away when reading this FML?

65- you just haven't got the right frame of mind. My boyfriend loves it when my hair is tangled and messy ;)

Zoyaaa 9

I bet that didn't do much good

luckyd880 12

Hey, your life's not too hard until your reduced to a spoon

Rock bottoms where you try to do it with a plastic spork

missamazinggg 12

Rock bottoms when you try to do it with a plastic spoon

threer 30
luckyd880 12

Hey, it's not a fml until OP is reduced to a spoon

I immediately thought of the little mermaid too!

KBear3109 29

Well that just made my morning!

OhDearBetrayal 25

4- Your picture... My eyes... I'm slowly dying from an overload of cuteness.

Im so glad tht sumone was on the same page as me

I ha to check if someone else thought of the little mermaid too. Although I couldn't think of the name the seagull gave her for it lol

bennn89 5

I only looked at the comments to see if someone said it. Hahaha

Cassandrax731 5

As soon as I read the fml, I went to the comments to look for a Little Mermaid reference. Thank you for making my day!

gingerrrr88 11

Haahha that was my first thought. I have not lost hope in everyone :)

peachyFML 17

If ur gonna type lyke dis, I suggest you get the hell away. We Grammar Nazis don't care for people who spell like a blind, half-crippled toddler.

Brushing one's hair with a fork is ghetto. Right

Colonel_Lexi 18

I hate it when people use that word out of context, 5. Do you even know what "ghetto" means?

grace12898 0

Ghetto is an Italian word that means a certain place,usually a slump, in a city that minorities populate, or the Jewish quarter in a city. People of the Jewish faith were, for lack of a better word, antagonized, and ghettos were established for the purpose of the Jewish people to have a place to live peacefully with other Jews and to not be subject to the Christians that blamed them for the crucifixion. Please know what a word truly means, because ghetto does not mean poor or 'shitty'

ollallie 0

Exactly what I was thinkin

Is it me or did anyone else think that prince Eric was super friggin dreamy mcdreamypants? He's definitely top 3 of the Disney male characters: 1.prince Eric 2.Aladdin 3. John Rolfe from Pocahontas (NOT John Smith because he screws over Poca in the end)

mollysticks 10

Ah, classic Disney movies. The new ones suck.

77- Meh, necrophilia isn't my thing. A pulse is a minimum on my list. Besides, the sex would be so annoying with all those dead souls moaning and wailing in torment. Total mood killer.

Damn you! I was gonna say that!! >.

128- You have to have a finite life to be considered alive.

stormer461 13

Yes it works, but will it blend?

luckyd880 12

And if it doesn't work, and rips out all ops hair. Then op gets angel hair pasta for dinner.

Killjoy777 3
Sparks808 10

As opposed to using your fingers, which probably would have worked better?

iluvevil01 11

Using your fingers actually makes it worse because of the oils on your skin that are secreted when they come in contact with anything.

Well you gotta do what you gotta do to look nice right?

what's wrong with bed head? i hear guys are into that "natural" look.

"What the hell are you doing?" "Chill, I'm forking my hair, motherforker."

Oh wheeeeeere is my hairbrush? I loved that damn cucumber.

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Michael_92 20
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And now it's time for silly songs with Larry, where Larry will sing a silly song.

uumlaut_strohson 3

it can be a real pain to those **** knots out.....

I think it is supposed to say "it can be a real pain to get those ******* knots out."

iseyixes 18

Maybe it's supposed to say "fork those knots out"?

Oh, I thought it was 'to **** those knots out'...

wannabesinger 16

I took it to mean that #15 thinks OP has Just Been ****** hair, and therefore the knots in her hair would be from *******, hense "**** knots."