By Anonymous - 27/08/2012 07:29 - United States - Brockton

Today, I got a flat tire. The spare was also flat, so I had no other choice but to walk home. I got to my house and realized I'd left the front door key and garage clicker in my car 5 miles away. FML
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Well, at least you got a good workout! Haha.

I bet you were pretty tired after that flat effort.


Well, at least you got a good workout! Haha.

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I bet you were pretty tired after that flat effort.

The key is to plan ahead so you don't lock like an idiot.

She should've run flat-out back to her car for the keys, or she could've been in some Jeep trouble!

I know how you feel man I've been locked out plenty of times. That's why I've taught myself how to break in and climb through my backyard windows.

You must be an expert at sneaking back in after a long night of partying, huh?

I make sure the side door is open if I'm going out :) Wouldn't wanna climb through windows at 2 am and drunk that's for sure

First comment on FML? Way to make an impact.

I was thinking the same thing. Must be a newbie and just had to make a comment.

not many people go out with extra house keys

It's called roadside assistance. Try it sometime.

Some people can't afford roadside assistance.

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Switch insurance companies, many offer it at little or no extra cost.

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Like a good neighbour, State Farm is here.

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I can't tell you how many times I've left my keys in my car. Sorry OP. You're not the only one.

I wouldn't have thought to leave my keys in the car, desperate people would still steal it.

It would be funnier if you walked back and your car was towed.