By loveurlifejk - 28/12/2011 06:32 - United States

Today, I was woken up to my mother screaming obscenities at me, all because I threw up last night after days of not feeling well, and the flushing of the toilet afterwards woke her up. FML
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Shoulda put the toilet on mute before flushing, be more considerate now

eltapatio16 5

Don't flush it next time. Leave a surprise for her in the morning!


Wow. Sucks.

Shoulda put the toilet on mute before flushing, be more considerate now

milkndstufff 7

***the iToilet

Or used a trash can and gave her the bag...

Make sure the firmware is above 4.2 or else the vomit won't be compatible with iToilet's iOS.

bfrench95 0

After her speech you should have just puked right on her for a good morning to her :)

iOS 5 has a better flushing system. And it will link toilets in your house together in the Iseptic

chlorinegreen 27

At least you made it to the toilet...

Chlorinegreen- you're killing the vibe

ZebcoGirl 0

Everyone has been gettin sick around where I live. I was throwing up last night also. It freakin sucks.

50- you wouldn't have that problem with an itoilet. They don't get viruses. But they're expensive

ZebcoGirl 0

63- I will have to look into that.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions first though. Bad things have happened to those who didn't

ZebcoGirl 0

69- I appreciate the warning

Oh that's fine don't use the iToilet use the iShitNoMore. Not as satisfying but it works all the same.

eltapatio16 5

Don't flush it next time. Leave a surprise for her in the morning!

Chaos187 6 beat me to it...FUUUUUUUU

Or instead of leaving her a surprise you can go to the kitchen sink and run the garbage disposal for as long as you want. But put other things in it too, so it's noisier.

Something similar happened to me, and she locked me out of the house for an hour. I had the flu, and threw up all outside of the house, then passed out.

good morning?

Dodge4x4Ram 46

madness is like Gravity,,all you need is a little push,,JOKER (Dark Knight)

Type like a normal person!

I was thinking more along the lines of: "Choose a quote that fits the situation" But maybe that's just me.

"this is a quote that fits the situation" -wiz khalifa

"I like turtles" Jonathan the zombie

flockz 19

"that beaver should not be on my nuts." -Samuel L Jackson

coolboy675 16

"I like trains." - I Like Trains Kid

I had a puppy named Adolph. He had kittens! -the Retarded Policeman

5- yes! Just yes

ElectricGhost_fml 5

she should be thankful you didn't throw up on her face when she was yelling at you!

Well you've should tell her: Better out than in

wriptidez 0

she needs to discover mercy towards others ...woweee


You should start flushing the toilet over and over again. Just to get back at her :)

[Insert picture of starving children in third world countries without access to clean drinking water here]

Sounds like something a crazy mother-in-law would do in order to attempt to break up your relationship...

Except for the fact that that would be a different situation almost entirely.

The only way it is similar in circumstance is that the villain has a vagina.