By Anonymous - 14/06/2013 01:44 - United States - Stroudsburg

Today, I was riding a bike when a truck accidentally hit me. The handsome driver came out and asked if I was alright. I said, "I am now" and winked. He said "Eww, no" then immediately ran away and drove his truck around me. FML
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You got hit by a truck and the first thing you did was try to flirt?

You must look like you've been hit by a truck.


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i am more suprised that she got hit by a truck and didnt have a broken bone or something.

i mean like BAM "AAAAAHH my leg is broken" the guy runs to her "are you alright?" "well i am now";-). the truck driver would be motherfucking jesus

maybe he just clipped her?

This really just makes me want to see what the hell she looked like

inthedopeshow 17

The driver could have been gay or married or in a relationship. I would say "ew" if someone other than my boyfriend hit on me. I think OP is jumping to conclusions and taking rejection too harshly.

Or maybe OP is a guy. I mean there aren't any clues to OP's gender.

i think the big woman sign on the top left on the fml is a pretty good sign about OP's gender

"On 06/13/2013 at 9:44pm - misc - by Anonymous (woman) - United States (Pennsylvania)"

You must look like you've been hit by a truck.

He was just adding insult to injury.

I Feel Like I Been Runover By A Truck!

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Well considering she just got hit my a truck, she probably didn't look her best. Her hair was probably up and messy because of the bike riding and I'm sure she at least got cuts and bruises, so she might have been kinda dirty looking. My point is if she would have waited and asked him to take her to the hospital. Then after she was better made a move.

You got hit by a truck and the first thing you did was try to flirt?

Well I doubt OP was lying there with broken limbs and then tried to flirt with the driver. They most likely only had a few cuts and bruises.

Stll, it's a strange moment to try to hit on someone.

the second thing she did was post on fml.

Wiringify 22

While still being in the middle of the street.

#3, when a truck driver hits you, it's only polite to hit [on] them back. OP was just returning the favour! :)

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I'm guessing she was desperate ^-^

Wizzlbang 10

If she wasn't hurt, why not? what do you want her to do, especially if he stopped and got out to make sure she was ok? scream at him? threaten to sue him?

pastispast 7

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There's a female icon beside the FML.

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pastispast 7

a bunch of aholes

Why are they assholes? Because they pointed out the errors in what you said? Welcome to the internet, grow a pair.

Don't grow a pair. Grow a vagina. They can take a pounding -Betty White.

Feveryoneslife13 11

"That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind" Lance Armstrong Just because you put something in quotes and a name next to it doesn't mean they said it. Betty White never said that, while it is true

#61 I'm pretty sure it was Neil Patrick Harris who said that...

@61 Betty White has absolutely said that. It's one of her most famous bits. YouTube it.

Yes, I believe there is a video of her saying.

Until you get cunt punted.

Haha... Too funny

You were flirting with your assassin. I hope you feel stupid now. By the way, don't drink that wine that some anonymous admirer leaves on your doorstep later.

So it turns out that snorting lighter fluid and benzene is NOT a good way of thinking up jokes. My apologies.

You mean I've been doing it wrong all this time? Well, shit.

Whenever I snort lighter fluid, I'm able to spark jokes. People say, "man, you're on fire!"

Woot! A QOTSA fan! I'll leave now

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His choice of words could have been better, but he rejected a woman (a complete stranger no less) who chose a completely inappropriate time to hit on him with a tacky pick up line. How does that make him an ass?

Cause he was rude #27

So rude people deserve to get hit by trucks?

"Yes." ... Would be grumpy cat's reply.

It would also be #8s response.

9, you're an idiot. 'How is he rude?' 'He's rude'. He's rude by being rude, even though you can't back up your statement? Dipshit.

That rejection must have hit you pretty hard.

I see what you did there XD

pastispast 7

didnt see that

Could like boys....

Or My Little Pony (Fml reference)