By Anonymous - United States - Stroudsburg
Today, I was riding a bike when a truck accidentally hit me. The handsome driver came out and asked if I was alright. I said, "I am now" and winked. He said "Eww, no" then immediately ran away and drove his truck around me. FML
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By  Sangoma  |  8

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  hessel  |  13

i mean like BAM "AAAAAHH my leg is broken" the guy runs to her "are you alright?" "well i am now";-). the truck driver would be motherfucking jesus

  inthedopeshow  |  17

The driver could have been gay or married or in a relationship. I would say "ew" if someone other than my boyfriend hit on me. I think OP is jumping to conclusions and taking rejection too harshly.

  plum_lovin  |  28

Well considering she just got hit my a truck, she probably didn't look her best. Her hair was probably up and messy because of the bike riding and I'm sure she at least got cuts and bruises, so she might have been kinda dirty looking. My point is if she would have waited and asked him to take her to the hospital. Then after she was better made a move.

  Wizzlbang  |  10

If she wasn't hurt, why not? what do you want her to do, especially if he stopped and got out to make sure she was ok? scream at him? threaten to sue him?

By  pastispast  |  7

Maybe your not his type. Plus you didn't mention if your a man or woman?


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  spaboolly  |  26

His choice of words could have been better, but he rejected a woman (a complete stranger no less) who chose a completely inappropriate time to hit on him with a tacky pick up line. How does that make him an ass?