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Today, I was going for my morning walk, when a guy in a massive truck drove up beside me, with a kid no more than 4 riding shotgun. I lost my faith in humanity when his tiny voice yelled through the window, "Nice ass!" FML
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MilkyFilmz 26

For a second, I thought it said a kid no older thN 4 was holding a shotgun


drunkmunkey 24

it's coming to parents with no moral values telling their children to say and do things because they think it's funny and then later asking where they went wrong

Some people should not be allowed to have kids. The Earth is already severely overpopulated as it is.

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#29, who gets to decide this? You? No thanks. This is why rules that apply only to some people and not to others are foolish.

46, it's because parents like the one above, or parents to half my high school who let's their kids do whatever they want that end up ruining everyone else's fun. This world is extremely overpopulated which you can tell just by looking outside or watching the news, we cannot co-exist with any species, not even ourselves. I hate the human race because we destroy everything we touch. But that's just my opinion.

TiaBug 13

Well, that's a bit intense, #57.

I absolutely admit that some people shouldn't have kids. But I am certainly not perfect, and nothing gives me the right to tell someone else they can't reproduce. I don't feel comfortable giving the power to choose who can reproduce to someone else. That sounds like some china bullshit.

#44 I'm a Christian, and I agree this isn't the place for me and mine to advertise our religion. But speaking in defense of #36 religion has a power to instill morality unlike any other institution in the world. Has that power been abused time and time again? Yes. I by no means advocate forcing medicine on unwilling patients, and that's normally where religious people go wrong. But extremists come from every angle, don't denounce a good thing solely on account of it's crazies (Westboro comes to mind... And by the way no self-respecting Christian agrees with them, their hatred removes any merit their message could even partially assume, merit which is too negligible to mention anyway)

#61, everyone should have the right to give birth, it's whether or not they are responsible to do so, in this case, Fyl to the kid, he needs better examples.

You should honestly have to prove yourself responsible/ intelligent enough to have a child. Sounds pretty dictator-ish but in a perfect world, that would be ideal

littleteapot 21

I always laugh when people ask "what is this world coming to?" The world has always been filled with shitty people. Today's technology just allows the news to travel farther and faster.

?? I am pretty sure my dad told me to say stupid things I didn't understand when I was a kid. I didn't grow up into a little hellion and it doesn't mean this kid is doomed either. Kids have been saying stupid shit for ages and will continue to do so. The only thing this world is coming to is better technology, better understanding, and more freedom to knowledge.

The first time I read the post I thought the driver had a "tiny voice", you know, to compensate. LOL

See answer #2. It would be a good start if the adults would stop thinking catcalling is a compliment, let alone teaching that kind of thinking to their kids.

willow196 9

Guys calm down they're just rednecks, rednecks have been here for century's.

We are not overpopulated. The distribution of property and wealth is extremely unbalanced. Some people want more than they need causing many to have less than they need.

I think it's probably a bit of both 125. Or, even if there currently is enough, there probably won't be soon.

#125 We are overpopulated at our current level of resource use. And developing countries are aspiring to the resource use of developed countries. If there isn't a massive paradigm shift, we're screwed.

people need to stop taking catcalling as an insult. a guy thinks your attractive? your life is RUINED. feel pretty, damn it. and ive seen guys use their kids to flirt with girls. it usually works too. the girl falls in love with the cute 4 year old and goes out with the dad.

littleteapot 21

So you're still in the "attracted to douchebags" phase? Catcalling is disrespectful. What's wrong with speaking to a girl... I dunno... like an actual person?

bunny409 14

i completely agree with you. then our taxes go on their ******* welfare checks

Bad parenting is not a new thing, it was always around.

bsmallz3 12

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Yea, gotta show the kid manners, make sure to say thank you after every compliment or he'd just get worse and worse.

At least he didn't have a "universal" remote and slow time just to check you out. "Click" reference.

What if she doesn't think she has a nice ass, and his judgement of her ass as nice was what really made her lose faith in humanity?

Epikatz 22

I clicked "you deserved it" as a compliment.

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Sorry to break it to you, but catcalling isn't a compliment.

cjwayy 22

Yeah it really isn't. The fact that a four year old did it is really scary.

While catcalling isn't always nice (especially when it's a four year old) sometimes being complimented on my body makes me confident. I work out, so it shows that it's working. But there is a very fine line and that little kid definitely crossed it

But 30, surely you realize there's a difference between being complimented, and (as much as it pains me to write this) objectified? One is a person genuinely appreciated a good looking person, the other is treating you as an object.

how about if a person catcalls you saying "you're looking beautiful today" and he geniuenly meant it. would that be a bad thing?

"You look beautiful" is not the same as whistling, "Nice ass!" "Great ****!" "Hey babe come over here!" "Look at the ass on that one!" Just trust women on this. It's annoying and embarrassing. These aren't compliments. It's harassment.

juturnaamo 29

How did #2 and #3 say almost the same thing at the same time but people are hating on #3?

WaxenSecrets 5

#53, But couldn't "(You have a) Nice ass" and "(You have) Great ****" be considered specifications of "You are/look beautiful"? I believe they're not quite the same as the statements you have following them. Complementing someone on a feature that sparks sexual intrigue is NOT the same as viewing a person as an object. Those are two separate ideas. You might argue that people who objectify women tend to use phrases such as those, but the phrases themselves cannot necessarily be interpreted as "objectifying". If I appear to be missing something big here, please message me so that I don't continue to neglect it.

i dnt know about you women, but when a guy cat calls me, i feel pretty. i dont take someone finding me attractive as an insult. grow the **** up and feel pretty.

Just because you don't see anything wrong with catcalling doesn't mean there's something wrong with women who do take issue with catcalling. Why don't you grow the **** up and quit telling people how to feel.

124, don't you find it disrespectful to do that? Assuming you're a guy, how would you feel if some stranger said you had a nice dick? It implies that you're being seen as a sexual object/for your sexual attributes. Even if someone came up to me and politely/nicely/respectfully said that I had nice boobs, I would feel very, very uncomfortable.

Llama_Face89 33

145- that's not the greatest example...have a feeling any guy would be pretty happy to hear a woman tell them they have a nice dick..

kingdomgirl94 29

when you go into creepy sexualized specifics, that means its no longer a compliment and they're focusing on one single body part. Besides the fact, ever think that maybe people are crweped out by people looking at them in an overtly sexual way? its creepy.

#145: You have to consider how society views sex based on a respective gender. I feel that the response you proposed derives from an old-fashioned societal norm that men should always crave sex and not feel guilty about it, while women should always chastise themselves and repress any sexual desires (think the stud/**** argument). Therefore, when some women are told how good their bodies look from a sexual stance, it comes across as inappropriate and uncomfortable. On the other hand, when some men are told how good they look from a sexual stance, it comes across as inviting or accepting. Another explanation could be the ratio of rape cases for respective sexes; some women feel intimidated or outnumbered when being complimented by a group of men, whereas some men wouldn't feel as pigeonholed by a group of women. Of course, not everyone feels this way, but, again, these are just a few possible explanations for the double-standard of complimenting and response.

MilkyFilmz 26

For a second, I thought it said a kid no older thN 4 was holding a shotgun

ilytyvm 25

I thought so too, but I was only slightly relieved to realize it was a 4 year-old riding shotgun. So the awfulness of this child's situation is doubled. Not only is the parent teaching their child to disrespect women, but they are also putting that child's life at risk by letting him ride in the front seat. I'm wondering if this boy is even in a car seat.

ShannonBitt 29

#26 many trucks don't have back seats, which is why they have the option to turn the passenger airbag off. The child in question may have only been able to "ride shotgun" if it was a single cab

ilytyvm 25

You're right. I didn't think of that. I read the way OP said "massive truck" and assumed it should have a back seat. My best friend drives a truck with a cab big enough for a back seat where their daughter sits. I shouldn't have assumed, though.

triplebeerox 27

I was a little confused because I thought the little voice belonged to the man. I thought she was saying the man seemed all manly but then she heard his sissy voice. I had to read it at least twice to realize it was the 4 year old who called out.

or if the back had those jumper seats. I wouldn't put my four year old in these either

I was out the other day and saw a kid of about 8 wearing a t-shirt that said "I'll smash your back doors in" on it. And no, it wasn't an adult t-shirt, it was kid sized. :(

Because an anime kid mixed with a 30 year old pony is not a good mixture.

People on FML are so judgemental. (As this comment gets down voted to Hell)

Am I missing something? It doesn't say they're 30...and I see lots of pony avatars on here, they don't normally get insta-downvoted unless they're actually talking about mlp.

it probably got down-voted because he said "attack in titan" not attack on titan. one mistake and ppl hate you here on fml

Have you never heard a small child's voice?

"Tiny" refers to size, though... not how a voice sounds.

drayloon 50

my girlfriend is an anime voice actress and she has a high tiny voice. high voices usually sound "smaller"

Eyalsh 32

tiny as in 'has higher pitch'...or more treble than bass.. lol

I doubt he knew what it meant, just copying his dad or saying what his dad told him to!

That is still sad and disappointing though, if his dad is influencing and telling his little innocent son to be saying and doing things like that. Smh

The mouth on the kid is one thing but endangering your child by not supplying a good car seat or having them sit in the back (I don't know how big this kid was but age 4 seems kinda young for them to sit up front) of the car is just bad parenting.

As far as I know there's no law saying they can't sit up front, as long as the child is in a car seat, which hopefully he was

#16 Actually, there is. No child under the age of 7, weighs less than 70 lbs. and is under 5' tall can sit in the front seat of a car without a booster seat

I'm not sure about the specifics but there is a law that forbids children under a certain height to sit in the front even with a boosterseat. Well atleast in my country.

All the laws only apply if there IS a backseat. Since they were in a dump truck, there probably wasn't. If there is no backseat available they can sit in the front in a vehicle designed to only have one seat. If someone removes the backseat it's different.

juturnaamo 29

OP never said he wasn't in a booster seat

a lot of trucks do not have backseats except for the small fold out seats, in which case the child would be safer up front. im guessing by massive, she may have meant it was a lifted truck. most people dont lift their family vehicles, just their mud trucks, so it was probably rare the child ride shotgun anyway.

and riding shotgun in a big truck is a lot safer than riding in the carseat n the back of a car

Swandive235 27

You live in hillbilly country don't you?

hey idiot, most trucks dont have backseats. thats an extra you have to ask (and pay extra) for. and riding shotgun in a big truck is a hell of a lot safer than riding in a carseat in the back of a car.