By KatVanGogh - 26/08/2013 01:16 - United States - Drexel Hill

Today, my mom is convinced that my cat is the reincarnation of Vincent van Gogh. Why? He sleeps under my sunflowers and is a ginger tabby cat. FML
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Does your cat miss an ear? If so, then give that cat a brush! Let the painting begin.

Logic at its finest!


I see the pressure of getting first comment got to you.

Logic at its finest!

Is your mom's name Phoebe Buffay?

Op said nothing about Smelly Cat.

Druu 53

If you ever had the twisted desire to cut a cat's ear off, you now have an excuse.

Hey, you never know. Maybe he's just disguising.

Parents these days :/

I wouldn't generalize all parents. I believe this is an isolated case.

Your parents do this?

I believe she's mocking how whenever it's a young person being stupid people comment "kids these days..." as if in those cases you *can* generalize to a whole group...

Can you get me an autograph??

AnOriginalName 19

Or maybe.... A pawtograph!? Yeaaaaahhhh!

I'm trying as hard as I possibly can to not pronounce that as photograph. It's not working. D:

RedPillSucks 31

How about pornograph?

Does your cat miss an ear? If so, then give that cat a brush! Let the painting begin.

AnOriginalName 19

The cat doesn't need a brush. Just stick its tail in some paint and let it loose!

If it's not missing an ear, is it eating yellow paint?

Check his kitty litter for hidden masterpieces.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

The next Yoda the cat? You could be famous for this OP!!

O.o where'd you get yoda out of that?

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Look up Yoda the four-eared cat... it was really big when I lived in Chicago a few years ago. Sorry :(

What does ginger have anything to do with Van Gogh?

Have you ever seen his most famous painting? A self-portrait... I saw that painting in real last week and I can confirm that he has red hair, but he didn't look like a cat.

He didnt look like a cat in his previous life. reincarnation is a funny thing.