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I hope you called the police.

Hunt her down and stalk her, when you burn her house down with her sleeping in it, tell her "watch where you're sleeping"... She is a whore


what a bitch. fyl :(

I knooo Damn call the cops :(

Call the cops. Gather witnesses. Get her ass thrown in jail. Sue for any bodily harm. Pretty simple. Unless it happened on some backroad in the middle of the night, someone will have either heard it or saw it happen.

Pffffft women drivers FTL..... Apparently female drivers cause more deaths then drugs.... FACT We should take the right to drive from females and give them a kitchen license instead O yeah and we should take the right to vote from them too, and the right to speak... they make to much noise nowadays. FYL...

You should just masturbate. Enjoy yourself.

call the cops or run the old fart down in her driveway later then beat on her for a while till she isn't dumber than a stump.

it's a lady driving guys. why are we not surprised *shakes head left to right* *taps foot*

lol 1 I knew someone was going to say that!

I hope you called the police.

anytime ive blacked out i cant remember anything anyone said

She said partly blacked out so she probably meant things were foggy but she could still hear.

yep. nd op I'd sue her ass

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(clears throat and tilts head crooked and closes mouth) But the important thing is that you're (starts laughing) still... alive (laughs hysterically) (still laughing) Sorry. It is simply impossible.

ur REEL gey mercyfml

I love how you have to type in parentheses that you were laughing to yourself. It shows your raging social life.

Hunt her down and stalk her, when you burn her house down with her sleeping in it, tell her "watch where you're sleeping"... She is a whore

That's not attempted murder. Attempted murder is premeditated.

Where did my previous comment go? Damn, women drivers ftw 0.o

wow. what a bitch.

I like Mercy's idea. It smells like satisfying revenge. EDIT: Hey, where'd her comment go? :o

WOW i didnt see that you wrote "watch where you are sleeping" guess we thought the same... I like it BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!!!

Hit and run is pretty hardcore illegal. I bet they can track her down and prosecute her. Geesh, people like her should be exiled so normal people don't have to deal with their jackassery.

Stupid reply system, not related to the previous post. OP, you have to take legal action. I hope you're ok.

more like license plate. wow.

find her and eat her children.

sounds like some pretty scary stuff. sometimes I wonder how the heck some people get their license. especially asian people in Australia. except for me though. I'm an excellent asian driver lol