By Diffy - 26/04/2012 11:49 - United States - Woburn

Today, as I was crossing an intersection, a car ran a red light and almost hit me. This kind of thing happens a lot in my town so I'm used to almost being run-down, except this time it was a small boy on his father's lap steering. The dad was laughing. FML
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Holy crap that is very dangerous and very illegal. I hope you got his plate number!

Wow. That father deserves some punches in the balls, just to be sure he doesn't get any more kids.


Holy crap that is very dangerous and very illegal. I hope you got his plate number!

Flogging the dad is the right move, police never do shit because of the rules they have.

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People like the father should never procreate. Ever.

FMLshark 12

Aw. 28's comment is gone, and I'm left here talking about steering penises.

Well we all know who the Worst Dad of 2012 Award goes to...

Oh, tell me more about steering penises.

What was 28s' comment?

FMLshark 12

84, he said that the wheel wasn't the only thing he was "steering", and made an unrelated "wincest" joke. The mods didn't find it very funny. Nor did anyone else.


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83, im guessing no one told you how the world really is going to end, they just told you it was going to end and you believed them (some people said, "HA see we didnt die and its 2012" ... Its sppose to happen in december idiot... So research before hearing rumours). Anyways, i dont believe the things they say about the world ending and the world is for sure not going to end because someone gets run over by a dumb dather.

siickman 7

I dont even know what the fuck i said... I rambled and brought up shit, im Not normal, dont judge.

135 - Do you hear the voices, too?

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135- that's about as obvious as the bulge in my pants

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Are you high??

siickman 7

No. I was just out of it yesterday. Dont mind me people :3

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Did anyone even catch that the child was only steering? The dad was probably the one with the legs long enough to control the brakes and the accelerator. That doesn't make the dad any of a better person, though. Just thought it interesting he probably would have done the same thing without a child in his lap, perhaps.

Thanks officer we know

23's comment is hilarious. Flogging? Is this the fucking 18th century?

Get the license plate and call the cops!!!

I think that it's illegal to take someones licenseplate..

He meant write them down.

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Thank you Captain Obvious. >.<

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Your an idiot.^ It's funny how he was actually serious, so he had to give an explanation. Stfu

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Uhm... #93 I don't think you understand what just happened. You're the idiot. ;)

LOL 29 so much win!

This is my time to shine... FIRST. I'm soodosodooosooOoOoOoOoo coolszzzzzzz

Where's the police when you need them? That's def. an issue

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4-Yet they are always around when I accidentally fuck-up.

4- The police are obviously on the streets harassing innocent people or something, but they somehow aren't there when you really need them...

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4- it doesn't take too much extra time to write definitely...

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Remind me to not to go to that state... Ever. That's very dangerous.

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Sadly, There are going to be idiots anywhere you just have to find a nice place with a smaller portion of them.

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True.. I don't see that much where I'm at though.

Bad parent alert! Bad parent alert!

you don't say

Wow. That father deserves some punches in the balls, just to be sure he doesn't get any more kids.

Aww he missed you?

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

No, OP is contacting us beyond the grave. The afterlife has FML stories like you wouldn't believe.

Rude little cherry hill boy!!

Hahaha nice:) I was kidding btw

It's cool. I just like seeing peeps from the hill.

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That is stupid, but wouldn't the dad have his foot on the pedal? I doubt the kid could reach it

"...except this time it was a small boy on his father's lap steering." Reading comprehention works wonders.

Even if the child was steering, his father should have braked for a red light.

true, father could have braked and I am sure he was going slowly too. not condoning it but not as dangerous as some are making it out to be.

Ether way it was still bad

94- "Run down" does not really imply slow driving.

nadnerbz 6

17- I understand that, I probably should've put more into the comment. I meant that the even though it was a terrible idea to have his son driving, the dad should've stopped regardless

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"small child" should be in a carseat or booster at the least! Not sitting in the fathers lap, regardless of who is controlling pedals, or steering, or the fact that they should have stopped at red light!

Stupidity at it's finest.

That man is a bad parent(or an irresponsible one[lets just go with the second one])