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tomato sauce doesn't work! this recipe does! I've used it on many skunked dogs-

1 quart peroxide
1 cup baking soda
2 squirts dawn dish soap

use immediately after mixing. the peroxide and baking soda bubble the oils to the surface and the soaps breaks them up. once you have lathered and soaked with that for 5 minutes, rinse off then repeat with just dish soap. you will go from over powering skunk to only able to smell it if you pretty much ran your nose in the dogs fur (or your arm op!)


Freeze, are you retarded or have you just never owned a pet? It doesn't matter if you have a cat, dog, rabbit, what ever the fuck you have - it's easy for it to wander off and get lost. Most of the time pets run off out of stupidity, they aren't trying to escape. It's like letting a 3 year old loose. Well, you shouldn't hold him captive - of course he is going to wander off.