By Anonymous - United States
Today, my ex said "I love you!" for the first time at a party in front of my boyfriend. Smugly satisfied, I said "Well, you're too late for that." My ex looked at me with irritation and said "I'm talking to him!" and gestured to my boyfriend. They'd been "best friends" since middle school. FML
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  00SPRANGER00  |  0

why the fuck would they have quotes around best friends if they were just friends? and even if that didn't prove it, this wouldn't be an fml if they were just "best friends"

  plum_lovin  |  28

I would have just said "I know! But your to late because he's mine!" Then it would have sounded like you knew what you we're talking about. Plus I wouldn't have assumed he was talking to me either... so you kinda put yourself in that situation. Lesson: never assume, because more than likely you'll be wrong that time.

By  Julle_fml  |  0

You do realise that sometimes people say "I love you" to their friends, right? That doesn't mean they're "gay lovers" or whatever it is you're insinuating...

Besides, it seems a bit weird for you to be dating your ex's best friend...