Brain melt

By Anonymous - 03/03/2010 02:37 - United States

Today, I was talking to my best friend about a cute guy that girls are afraid to even speak to, so I then decided to march right up to him and say hello. When he smiled at me, I stood there with my mouth wide open, but I made non-coherent words. He asked me if I was a foreign exchange student. FML
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Say yes, guys think it's hot. Or he'll just think you're special.

WAHRGARBL. that's how you say hello :0. you has it in your head that girls were afraid to talk to him and look what happened :P


Say yes, guys think it's hot. Or he'll just think you're special.

Lol. I'm pretty sure he would figure out she was lying if she did that. And then he really wouldn't want to talk to her lol.

guys actually just want (if ur hot) u to drop ur pants and rip off ur shirt. if ur hot*

take off all clothes, wear sexy underwear and just jump on him, if ure hot that is, if not, go back to talking to ure fat friends

Maybe she IS the fat friend. Learn a second language and base this relationship on a lie. =)

and he didn't do anything while your mouth was WIDE open???

ur not pritty sure ur just pritty

@1: anything would work for you cause youre mega beautiful. the poster of this fml is prob some fattie, so its harder for her.

tweetbaby14 18

I would like to inform the losers trying to get with the people over the Internet that you're lame and need a life mkay. you're welcome and don't tell me I need a life cuz I'm on here cuz it's 6 in the morning and I do what I want

29 thinks 25 is hot? good for you openly gay person

"Yes, I am a foreign exchange student and I do not speak any English."

Here are some lines you should have said "Me no speak English" "Es Me no Understando" "O hibi hobi dubi" Then run!

Or... "Me gusta el muy grande pene" "Comer me fofo vajina por favor"=]

or better yet "meessir superman ees no here"

I agree with 58

um? ur still on the computer at 6 in the morning and you're calling them losers, sure you 'do what you want' but if your going to use that as an excuse so can they.

Today, a cute girl came up to me in school and started rambling incoherently. I thought she might be a foreign exchange student, but when I asked her, she ran away. FML

you replied yes right?

she should have replied with a fart. the universal way of saying I love you.. or atleast that's what my guy says.....dmnit fml

wow ...grow some testes..... wait what??... ohhh go grow some ovaries and be a man or woman in this case.

WAHRGARBL. that's how you say hello :0. you has it in your head that girls were afraid to talk to him and look what happened :P

Wow that is funny although if you ever get to know him I'm sure it will be something you will laugh over eventually :-) It may be an FML now but later it won't be...

it's either a fat chick or a 7-9th grader

No, it will be an FML for the rest of her life!

i dun really understand this fml

Why couldn't you speak? Did he put something in your mouth?

8, they're called emotions, dumbass.

55 It's called a joke Dumbass! I ain't got time to explain it to you!

awww, I could totally picture that happen to me. actually it does quite often ahaha. you should try again tho. :) or explain yourself about that haha. perhaps over the Internet?that's what I'd do. >.< :P

come on! gimme a break u were actually that "speechless" or incoherent because of his looks? don't try to show off in front of your friends if your just going to make a fool of yourself.

IDIOT!!! learn the second language! and fuck him! hot guys that are really hard to talk to r usally really good in bed! XD

lol that's so cute. but at least you tried. :) ;) say yes and blow him a kiss and say it's a custom lol

LMAO love your pic. You should soooo have a boxing match with Sexual Harassment Panda.