By Joshua Sheldon - 19/09/2015 01:56 - Australia - Adelaide

Today, while working alone, I decided to just try some random impressions, and so I ended up doing a French accent when a customer walked in. To avoid embarrassment, I had to continue faking the accent as he struck up a long conversation with me. FML
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As long as he didn't understand that you were faking it, what's the problem? ;)

Hon hon hon baguette no?



mais non c'est "pui pui"

58: Non.

18 or 48 is failing so hard it is alnost sad...

Listen carefully I only say this once..

What is it?

is the suspense killing you?

Hon hon hon baguette no?

What does it mean?

#42, 'Hon, hon, hon' is used to depict French laughter 'baguette' is French bread, and I don't know if the no is suppose to be English or French, because if its French it's supposed to be 'non?' So I'm guessing they're asking if you want French bread.

Thanks #47.

#47 most central European people when speaking English end their sentences with no or yes. It's kind of a thing many do.

Ruskiy_Cherep 18

Hahah Man I wish I heard how that conversation went

As long as he didn't understand that you were faking it, what's the problem? ;)

Unless he comes in again!?

Lol FYL, but it's really not as bad as you think.

I don't see a problem here. Sorry op :p

Reading these people try to speak in French is amusing. For one, it's spelled oui not wi

I know right? ?

Theres a button called "like" for that...

hahatofunny 20

Good practice then

It could have been worse. You could have been practicing being a stripper. LOLOL!!

lol that would've been a sight to see