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By bunny - 16/08/2009 13:58 - United States

Today, I walked in on my boyfriend humping my stuffed rabbit. I thought he was trying to be funny until I saw that he had an erection. FML
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What did the rabbit look like?

I hope you didn't let him stuff your rabbit


What did the rabbit look like?

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it was a playboy rabbit!! duhhh

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I'm sorry, but your comment is completely EPIC...super EPIX...Ultra-megalithic super duper EPIX...I don't think my tummy will stop hurting for a while. xD

I wanted you to know that I read "screw the rabbit" and am now singing it to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries ("kill the wabbit") from Looney Tunes. And now you are too.

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Your my hero

Oh come on... he was obviously imagining you in place of the rabbit. You walked in, and he tried to play it off as humor, embarrassed.

I am truly ashamed of my gender and home state now...

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ahahaha XD that comment just made my day! thank u! that was just awesome =P

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poor bunny

still not gayer than twilight.

Maybe it was Jessica Rabbit. I could understand that.

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He's likely a furry.

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Eww thats pretty weird.

Wow, this same thing happened to me! Except it was my dog humping the stuffed animal, not my boyfriend.

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Thats not weird, that happens all the time. dog=/=boyfriend.

Sometimes the dog IS the boyfriend, though!

ydi for not fucking him!

I have to agree here. Perhaps if you fucked him more often, he wouldn't be horny enough to have sex with stuffed rabbits.

How would you know how much sex they're having? They might be having plenty and he's still just weird enough to hump a rabbit.

ew wow your boyfriend is attracted to interesting things....

That's sorta disturbing on many levels. But hey... Whatever tickles his fancy!

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#5 i think you mean whatever tickles his pickle. ahhhahha

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Ahhhaaahhaahhaaha oh my......

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who says "tickles his fancy"???

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are you fo real lol

Nah she's joking

I hope you didn't let him stuff your rabbit

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FML has turned into Hollywood. One FML on a subject and then magically there's at least one with the same general topic posted before the day is up. Was he also watching a Miley Cyrus video?

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Oh no you didn't just say that #7!