By thisreallysucks2 - 23/03/2009 02:15 - United States

Today, I texted my boyfriend to see if he wanted to finally have sex today. His response was "Can't, Platinum just came out." I didn't know what that meant so I searched "Platinum 3-22-2009" on Google. I found out he's talking about a new Pokémon game. FML
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Tipsybeaver 0

In his defense, that game is awesome.

Platinum is out? WHY AM I ON FML?!?


partake_fml 2

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Pokemon is the best, you guys need to get with the times, jesus titty ******* christ

tayman 0

jesus ******* christ you people need to lighten up a bit. you all know that 90% of these arent even ******* real, just made up to be funny. holy shit people are dumb... just laugh and go with the joke, idiots

pokemon is the shit. joke or not it still rapes

hey#1 did u know u can mate in pokemon too :)

how do Pokemon have sex anyway?

Very carefully?

Pokémon, if offended, can and will chew up your body, shit out your mangled carcass, and BREATHE TITTY FUCKIN' FIRE ON YOUR DEAD FUCKING BODY BITCH.

#422- nobody knows. They only ever seem to find eggs.

Pokemon is some awesome shit

Pretty sure I'd choose a new Pokemon game over sex and many other things, any day.

titandesu 14

i don't know that deems a bit farfetch'd

this is ABSOLutely outrageous and ONIXeptable

Ah... I see whatchu did there...

Tipsybeaver 0

In his defense, that game is awesome.

can't come between a guy and his video games

where is defog? lol

one word. priorities. this man has them in order

It's a slick game admit it

Emokidabbey 0

Thats the dumbest excuse ever. Video games should NEVER come before sex

I'd give up months of sex to play pokemon. I don't care if you hate, don't judge me.

Never get between a man and his Pokémon game.

Platinum is out? WHY AM I ON FML?!?

bberg01 5

yeah. it's the best.

ive had black for months havent beat it... hacked the hell out of it though

Thumbs up if it's 2012

my 7 year old brother beat black.. lol

partake_fml 2

#2 that's not an excuse !

yes it is. OP's ex is now banging some chick that actually _will_ put on a sexy mudkips costume. YDI

376 is a loserrrr 

lmao very nice one

LOL how old is he?

It annoys me when people think others are immature for enjoying something like Pokemon that has been around since their childhood. I guess that means if you haven't given up on everything that you enjoyed as a kid, that means you're immature? Bunch of hypocrites...

um. wow. this one is your fault....way to date a nub.

Yeah right, I call BS on this one.

although im not a fan of Pokemon, i can totally see a game (on release day) coming before sex sooo... bad timing? also, dont expect to have sex for a couple months after Starcraft 2 comes out....

no man that was willing to lose his virginity would give up that over a game, no matter what it was. I can see it happening after he's done it a lot, but not the first time.

so either you are 11 and texting your little boyfriend to have some sex, for which you fail or you're dating a grown man who plays pokemon (a game for 11 year olds) and you wish to have sex with him anyway, for which you fail. you fail.

pokemons the shit first rugby players play it

A lot of adults play Pokémon. It's sad I'm defending nerds....

You're an idiot Pokemon is for all ages! One of my teachers plays it!

TallMist 32

Tell me why it's immature to have hobbies, #10? Why are video games less of a valid hobby than anything else?

#8 i've had this happen to me with COD4. Awkward times. There is no doubt in my mind that this is true.

Emokidabbey 0

I unpluged the PS3. Stupid call of duty