By thisreallysucks2 - United States
  Today, I texted my boyfriend to see if he wanted to finally have sex today. His response was "Can't, Platinum just came out." I didn't know what that meant so I searched "Platinum 3-22-2009" on Google. I found out he's talking about a new Pokémon game. FML
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By  partake_fml  |  2

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  tayman  |  0

jesus fucking christ you people need to lighten up a bit. you all know that 90% of these arent even fucking real, just made up to be funny. holy shit people are dumb... just laugh and go with the joke, idiots

  Neorecon19  |  18

It annoys me when people think others are immature for enjoying something like Pokemon that has been around since their childhood. I guess that means if you haven't given up on everything that you enjoyed as a kid, that means you're immature?

Bunch of hypocrites...

By  BobSwarley  |  4

although im not a fan of Pokemon, i can totally see a game (on release day) coming before sex
sooo... bad timing?

also, dont expect to have sex for a couple months after Starcraft 2 comes out....

  BDTM  |  0

no man that was willing to lose his virginity would give up that over a game, no matter what it was. I can see it happening after he's done it a lot, but not the first time.

By  kingnor  |  0

so either you are 11 and texting your little boyfriend to have some sex, for which you fail

or you're dating a grown man who plays pokemon (a game for 11 year olds) and you wish to have sex with him anyway, for which you fail.

you fail.