By Anonymous - 30/01/2015 20:16 - United States

Today, I walked in on my husband jacking off to a photo of himself. FML
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Sounds like Kanye West.

KhaleesiDannie 26

Narcissism at its best


KhaleesiDannie 26

Narcissism at its best

You mean masterbating to yourself in isn't normal??

You're comments are always so disappointing. #25

So, now you know why he installed that big a$$ mirror in the bedroom!

That's exactly my question, why would he look at a picture when he could just look in the mirror. Poor OP though, man, she will never be as sexy to him as he is to himself.

62: he really likes that picture...

Narcissis-(beating his)dick

Sounds like Kanye West.

cantik20 5

Kim... is that you? that gay?

I was honestly going to comment that

joshua1615 8

More like Johnny bravo

xRiverSongx 17

You predicted it..

Well...that's awkward. I think he's got something to tell you then '-'

MzZombicidal 36

I'm pretty sure it's all out in the open now, #3. Lol!

Very true #8! XD

Maybe he'd be better off with a mirror for a girlfriend.

I dont see the problem here

Wait! You're telling me that not all guys do that? *Hides framed picture of myself*

mojobanks 8

A framed picture. That's genius. Protective glass! I've ruined so many selfies...

#19 - Why did you have to give me that mental picture, WHY.

Taking narcissism to a new level, I see.

mojobanks 8

Ménage a moi

Thank you for the classiest euphemism for jerking off ever!

I can just *picture him talking dirty to himself: "You like that, don't you? Well, you know I do"

"You better understand I'm in love with myself, Myself, my beautiful self" ~No Feelings

kimeatszombies 22

At least... it's not some random girl?

If that's not the silver lining to this situation, I'm not sure what is.

Seraphium 6

This is true. Unfortunately with a personality like that, you can assume it's only a matter of tine he'd break it off due to boredom.