By Chilaxe - 03/05/2014 22:44 - United States - Shawnee

Today, I once again had another guy's sweaty crotch pushed into my face. I still don't see why I enjoy wrestling. FML
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Chilaxe 15

Hey, OP here, thought I'd comment to clear some stuff up. First, I really enjoy wrestling, I've done it since a young age and I love the competitiveness, the endurance it takes, ALMOST everything about it lol. It was just a bad day and that happening it just annoyed me, honestly, if you wrestle and that hasn't happened once, you're lucky lol, happens to the best. Also, I didn't mean to give a bad name to wrestling at all, trust me, I know all the jokes about it and it bothers me as much as any other wrestler, but hey, that stuff happens, you just ignore it and keep going. I did enjoy reading your comments though lol

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If you don't enjoy crotch in your face, stop wrestling. Simple.

Well wrestling is always described as "sweaty men in tights" so you can't say you didn't know what you were getting into.


Really? You do realize your "first" is short lived because they always delete those posts.

If you don't enjoy crotch in your face, stop wrestling. Simple.

badluckalex 23

I bet op secretly likes sweaty balls in his face

#24, there's his reason for enjoying wrestling.

These are grown, sweaty, oiled up men giving each other belly to belly suplexes.

That's terrible advice. There are pros and cons in everything. OP does wrestling because he enjoys combat and contact sports, occasional sweaty crotches and all. Just like us women enjoy relationships and marriages. Occasional sweaty crotches and all...

Jenn, one of those is a hobby, the other is a life choice.

#26, In your profile it says you enjoy sports and wrestling....But you're trashing wrestling in the FML? What???

wow #28 you sure are one Hell of a profiler cuz I for one don't who the Hell this guy is

I bet OP just wanted a published FML by lying about his secret gayness he loves crotch

badluckbayan 16

Oh dear god the imagery is too strong

Well wrestling is always described as "sweaty men in tights" so you can't say you didn't know what you were getting into.

Maybe OP can't see why he enjoys wrestling due to the balls in his face.

You can't really complain. I mean you knew it was happening and you still continue to wrestle. (I'm not saying you should stop)

I'm sure there are other sports out there you would enjoy doing.

AnOriginalName 19

Well maybe you can count this as motivation to train harder so that you can get that pin without all the crotch-to-face action.

Or if he gets batter his crotch can go in the other guys face. Haha.

if he buys some batter then he'll definitely win all the time.

So he should batter his crotch, then put it in the other guy's face? Yeah that should do it.

Jaredphamtom 10

That happened to my buddy while wrestling, except it was his teammate who took out his sack and put it on the back of his head... He ended up quitting

Admit it... You love being man handled by sweaty, muscle bound men. It's okay. This is the twenty first century. We won't judge. ;)

That winky face does not belong in that sentence. I'm a racist ;) See? Just doesn't work

dont lie, we all know you secretly enjoy it. FML is a safe place, you can tell us. were like a family

A large, totally beyond screwed up family.

Pribably the most unsuportive famiky ever.

Only when our members' grammar is as terrible as yours, 48.

Come on, did you even try to proofread that one?!

Shrouds 14

a Famiky sounds prett cool. I'll take three.

Who the hell wouldn't be grossed out by that.. And if this is a reason you dislike wrestling and you don't have any other reason to enjoy it, why torture yourself and continue?

Maybe a scholarship. OP might be very talented in a sport they happen to not like very much.