By juliaspaperbags - 16/08/2009 14:32 - United States

Today, I was at the lake watching a romantic sunset with my boyfriend. He tenderly started touching my thigh, then started shaking my leg to the rhythm while singing the J-E-L-L-O theme song. FML
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your boyfriend=WIN be grateful you have a hilarious boyfriend

amsedel 1

how cute. :D


Shock98 0

ew. cellulite. :P your boyfriend sounds funny though (:

123monkey 0

just because someone's thighs jiggle doesn't mean they have cellulite, stupid

The_Cait 0

True. Cellulite has very little to do with weight and almost everything to do with genetics. I'm 5'4", only 104lbs at my heaviest and I still have some cellulite.

F_fatchick_lives 0

I have noticed in recent years that "heavier" girls blame it all on genetics. I think being "heavier" doesn't need an excuse, it just needs to be excepted.

you're basically saying we should kill them off or quarantine them. I believe you were looking for the word "accepted"

breadonabun 0

Wait a second.... Jello has a theme song?!? Oh and YDI for tickling birds till they actually tell you "stop I'm ticklish"

F_fatchick_lives 0

No, excepted. It's not ok to be fat. Excepted means it is excluded from the genetic part.

Jacks_Penguin 0

That's more triglycerides than anything.

thats pretty.. *cough* *cough* "nutrisystem" interesting...

ydi for being fat

you're an ass

amsedel 1

how cute. :D

GGnoRe 0

Nice boyfriend you got there

You got yourself a prize there. Don't let that boy get away.

Wow...really?! I'm 5'6'' and weigh only 113 lbs, but my thighs still jiggle when you touch them that husband does it too sometimes!

Sun_Kissed18 25

Exactly, it could be all muscle, my thighs are all muscle but they jiggle :P

J-E-L-L-O, it's aliiiive.

your boyfriend=WIN be grateful you have a hilarious boyfriend

KiSsKiZzy 0

Awwww that's so sweet

I agree, my thighs jiggle but my stomach is flat, I don't have bingo wings and my BMI is in the 40th percentile. So chances are, the OP, like me, isn't fat. Also, fat has less tendency to cumulate around vital organs, which means that women are more likely to collect fat in the arms and legs than the tummy, which is where the uterus is.

SOMAgirl, are you transsexual? Did you used to be a man and change to being a woman? Because you know how men really think. Little things like cellulite and jiggly parts should be totally irrelevant to your man. If you would suck us and **** us with vigor and enthusiasm, you'd see a lot of the shitty little complaints and criticisms disappear. We love your bodies even with some imperfections. What we hate is when you get so self-conscious about your flaws that you reduce or cut off our access to them!

Hitsuki_fml 0

agreed...I'd probably start laughing my ass off if that happened to me

babycankles 0

#16, FTW.

ha ha ha! ADD much?

toaster468 0

yup 2 2=69 jk ADD attention deficate disorder or something like that

that's the worst thing that's happened to you? really? I can't really say YDI because there's he didn't even do anything. You're telling me you couldn't recover the mood after he did something so innocuous? you're life sucks because you seem like a humorous shrew.

Well, an FML doesn't have to be the WORST thing that's happened to you, but I agree that this isn't even bad You mean humourless shrew right? I agree

TurdMonkey 0

calm the **** down IronyHappens, most people visit this site to read short humorous stories, not real FMLs if it wasnt for these type of posts, at least 3/4th of us would be gone