What a Q-tip

By Anonymous - 25/06/2013 16:21 - United States - Flowery Branch

Today, I heard my boyfriend making the same noises while cleaning out his ears as the ones he makes whenever we have sex. FML
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grahmagog 14

Clean your ears more often and you'll understand why


grahmagog 14

Clean your ears more often and you'll understand why

with warm water. best feeling ever getting that gunk out

Wizardo 33

Try this, get a small, squeezable bottle (eyedrop bottle for example). 1) Warm some oil and pour it in the bottle. 2) Squeeze some into each ear and block your ears with some cotton balls and go to sleep. 3) Recoil in horror in the morning when you remove the cotton balls and examine how much ear wax has been removed from your ears. You're welcome, trust me it works and its not for the squeamish.

Blah! I'm picturing "Shrek" pulling wax out of his ear to make a candle stick. :P

Wizardo 33

I have no idea what all these numbers mean, it must be an American thing? But as a normal person I would use olive oil :/

Wrong, listening to Pink Floyd is the best way for an eargasm

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It's all swabbing, isn't it, though?

Sorry for the shitty comment, I'm watching an ear-y program on TV that messed up my head.

Maybe he's finds a lot of pleasure in cleaning his ears?

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Nothing like some good aural sex.