By chaoticcupcake - United States - Princeton
Today, a wasp flew into my car. In my frantic attempt to get away from it, I got pulled over and had to prove I was driving sober. FML
chaoticcupcake tells us more :
To all those asking, I am highly allergic to bees and wasps. When I discovered I was in an enclosed space with it, my mind wasn't thinking "pull over and let it out", but rather panic. When you're scared of something, the mind doesn't always make the most logical decisions. I ended up weaving on and off the shoulder and hadn't realized a cop had his lights on behind me until he sounded his siren. I quickly pulled over and got out of my car. I had to take a breathalyzer and passed, and after explaining my ordeal, the nice man helped me get the wasp out of my car. And to those who say roll the window down: Have you ever successfully tried to get an insect out of a moving vehicle via window? I've tried this on multiple occasions and I either can't get the damned thing to go near the window, or if I do, the wind knocks them back into my car. :/
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  CocaColaPepsi  |  13

Wow, I understand it's scary to have a wasp in your car, but if you're driving dangerously enough for a cop to think you were drunk driving then you completely deserve to get a ticket. It's scary, but putting other people's life in danger so you don't get stung is ridiculous!

  CocaColaPepsi  |  13

Maybe I don't understand how painful it is to be stung by a wasp or anything really since I've never been stung by anything... So maybe my comment was harsh but I still think that driving recklessly enough to get pulled over for "drunk driving" is just over the line , but again maybe my comment was too harsh


Bullshit, 12. Those little fuckers are sadistic maniacs. They live off of the pain they inflict on others.

The first time I got stung I was volunteering with some children and giving one a piggy-back ride in the grass. Then guess what happens? The little pointy-assed prick stung me. On my foot! He wanted me to drop that kid, I tell you!

Long story short, If you see a wasp and have anything less than a nuclear warhead to protect yourself, get the fuck out of there.

  nightbirdblue  |  27

Plus sometimes something else irritates them and you just get in the way. When I was little, my dog used to chase bees and wasps. I got scared that it would hurt him once and tried to call him away from it. It came after me instead and stung my hand. I still have a scar from that thing.

  asherm  |  15

I was minding my own business when bee flew in sleeve of t shirt. Yes, the armpit area is very sensitive to bee stings. I had to run like maniac through woods (luckily I was alone), tearing off my shirt. Evil f'r was in my belly button, though luckily it had already used stinger in my armpit. I still get Heebie jeebies years later. I don't trust them. Just make my honey biotch....

  PenguinBitch  |  43

Finally an opportunity to tell the world about the day I got stung....

So I was casually going to take the trash out because it was "trash day" so I decided to bust a Frodo and go barefoot. ThenIGotStungInTheSolesOfMyFeet the end!