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  MagicGiraffe  |  12

78, not to be too nerdy but technically viruses are not cells, neither are they living. They are not bacteria but the term "germ" is used loosely, but I wouldn't use it with STD at all...

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

As a lady, I don't even want to know how badly that would feel going inside of my vajayjay. And I feel equally bad for dude. But I've always wondered what the .1% of germs aren't covered. Maybe we will finally learn what that are!

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

saksxalmo; You're right, no one knows OP's gender. It wasn't specified. So that leaves us little choice but to speculate their gender. Some people may say the OP is a girl, and others may say the OP is a guy. But no one knows for sure. I'm wondering if zack11742 had said, "I feel like it would hurt HIM more than you." would you still have made your comment?

  saksxalmo  |  20

#35, yes. Is that a trick question?

I think the comment would have been better if s/he had said "I just hope OP's not a girl" or something along those lines. That way you account for both if you choose to speculate. :)

But I'm a bit pedantic, so I'm not surprised that others don't care that much. XD