By MIND BLOWING - 20/10/2012 13:57 - Canada - Toronto

Today, after waking up from a drunken night, I realized the burning sensation I had from the lube during sex was because I used hand sanitizer. FML
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At least you have a germ free dick.

I thought you were gonna say you contracted herpes . So LUCKY you ! ^.^


At least you have a germ free dick.

At least you made sure that where you were going was clean.

So..Canadians are clean people

Could be a women. If it's sex/genitalia people assume it's a male, if it's relationship/child people assume it's female.

Hand sanitizer in the penis hole.. *shutter*

Only takes .01% of germs to get you sick

37 thank you didn't realize my mistake my apologizes.

*Apologies. you're welcome,

I blame that one on autocorrect.. Haha

36 - Even when talking about women, it's still "penis hole", not whatever a 'vagina' is.

50 vagina hole o.0

50- It is entirely possible that he was referring to the external urethral orifice, not a vagina.

Think about how the girl feels..

Gotta say, this would probably unpleasant on a dick, but it's gotta be hell for the person who got hand sanitizer in their vagoo or butt.

AIDS is a virus, not a germ....

Hand sanitizer? wow, that must've really made her scream. LOL

73- all single celled pathogens are considered 'germs'... including viruses.

30 I assumed OP is a woman.

At least it wasn't penis to mouth...

# 30, I'm pretty damn sure that it couldn't possibly be "a women"

78, not to be too nerdy but technically viruses are not cells, neither are they living. They are not bacteria but the term "germ" is used loosely, but I wouldn't use it with STD at all...

I wonder if OP is a gay male, the gay scene is pretty big in Ontario.

Lol seeing the bright side of things...

I like how the op's name is mind blowing.

That's great man

Well maybe if you make it " mind blowing?" it might make a little more since why you like his name.

I thought you were gonna say you contracted herpes . So LUCKY you ! ^.^

Pretty sure that's impossible anyway, sanitizer and all.

Getting herpies isn't impossible though

Are you for real 16 lol

Lol no, I'm joking.

"herpies" lololol

It's good to practice Safe sex..killing germs and what not.

I bet she is burning too

Should have used the nutella;)

As a lady, I don't even want to know how badly that would feel going inside of my vajayjay. And I feel equally bad for dude. But I've always wondered what the .1% of germs aren't covered. Maybe we will finally learn what that are!

Hey at least you had some protection.

For all you know it could be a form of spermicide.

Ya the burning sensation means it working OP.

The last time someone on FML used sanitizer as lube, they had to wear an adult diaper for a week...

I wonder how the girl felt.... Haha

Well at least it is clean, your privates are now 99.9% bacteria free.

But not totally baby free.. Check back in 9 months

Don't be surprised if the baby turns out to be a bleach blonde.

Alcohol up the ass sounds very painful :o.

Alcohol in the vagina sounds awful too!

At least you won't get any bacterial infections. Viruses and pregnancy are still possible, perhaps even likely.

I feel like it would hurt her more than you

OP could be a girl... (And don't say you meant OP could be a lesbian, because I don't think that's what you meant. :P )

saksxalmo; You're right, no one knows OP's gender. It wasn't specified. So that leaves us little choice but to speculate their gender. Some people may say the OP is a girl, and others may say the OP is a guy. But no one knows for sure. I'm wondering if zack11742 had said, "I feel like it would hurt HIM more than you." would you still have made your comment?

the thing is, for this FML, most seem to assume op is a male

#35, yes. Is that a trick question? I think the comment would have been better if s/he had said "I just hope OP's not a girl" or something along those lines. That way you account for both if you choose to speculate. :) But I'm a bit pedantic, so I'm not surprised that others don't care that much. XD

Haha you're right I assumed op was a guy silly me

I just feel bad for the girl. At least you two were still "protected"