By Anonymous - 09/10/2012 08:38 - United States - Murrieta

Today, I noticed that my penis looks tiny in my girlfriend's hands. Without thinking, I pointed it out to her. Now she thinks I have a small cock, and I think she has man-hands. Either way, we're both turned off. FML
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You pointed out your tiny penis to your girlfriend ... Who may have once been a dude... Ydi

lovepandorasaver 11

Well you single handedly ruined your relationship...


nerdyfreak 7

maybe she should try to 'make it bigger'?

If it was already in her hands I'm sure it was the biggest it could possibly be

flockz 19

it could be bigger if it was under a microscope.

I don't see why a girl would find a dick ring attractive. It's not supposed to have jewelry. I still think a pierced one would be a horrible thing to have. Yikes. Makes me shudder thinking about that.

My naive self was thinking engagement ring until you pointed that out 43. Now I'm just... I don't even know the right word for it...

p3mguin 7

Apparently you are the bitch of the penguins, wonderful! Now we can finally chat penguin to bitch...

43- "it's not supposed to have jewelry". Aside from society's standards, why is a necklace or earrings more appropriate than having jewelry on your junk?

For one, its a VERY sensitive area to pierce. If the slightest chance of infection or injury is exploited, you won't even be able to walk the same even after recovery, not to mention killing nerve endings that will seriously detract from enjoying sex or even making it painful. As for just a ring, you can't wear rubber rings on your penis longer than a few hours or you'll run the risk of injury, as well. An actual metallic ring won't stay put without any other equipment to keep it there because otherwise, it'll just slip off, or cut off circulation when aroused. Effective to encourage chastity, but impractical for mere decoration. C'mon, man. THINK about it!

You pointed out your tiny penis to your girlfriend ... Who may have once been a dude... Ydi

Gf may not necessarily have been a guy, I know a few females who were born females but have larger hands.

2: So the guy has a small penis, and you assume his girlfriend is a transsexual? I think you're missing a few steps in your logic, bro.

unknown_user5566 26

Doctor, I think he made that comment because of the girlfriend's man hands.

Man card revoked...

If you had enough time to stop and focus on the size your penis appears in her man hands, it must not have been very enjoyable..

Who the **** even looks at their dick when someone's giving them a handjob.

lovepandorasaver 11

Well you single handedly ruined your relationship...

Single-handedly... heh. I see what you did thur

47 - who are you? Chingy?

I have to hand it to you OP, that deserves a facepalm.

68- your picture goes so well with your fail.

I agree with you. It's what OP gets for dicking around.

BossHighJumper17 0

Sounds like yall have some problems

Well, Hello, Boss Lady. The Boss Man welcomes you to FML.

Bosshighjumper. You say your 3ed in the nation for high jump. I just spent like 35 mins looking at the top 50 girls for Hj I couldn't find you, I'll give you the chance to prove me wrong. (Not hating) (;

BossHighJumper17 0

Well, I actually am. I placed 3rd in the AAU Junior Olympics. There was girls and guys from all over the US. So therefore 3rd in the nation. So of you would like to look that up too. Be my guest. Oh and I jumped 5'6"

xXSpeer103Xx 0

Not what he ment by hj love

enormouselephant 15

Turn the lights off!

Mister_Triangle 21

Carry me home! Nananannananana!

unknown_user5566 26

Everyone looks the same with the lights off, OP. Turn off the lights, get over the minor imperfections (which seem to be perceived and not actuality), and get down to business.

lelo007 11

I agree! People are so focused on nothing but looks, that it completely ruins their perception of the person that they care about the most, oftentimes ending the relationship because they become so obsessed over that minor imperfection. I hate to admit, I used to be the same way about moles. Weird, I know, but something about them would just irk me to no end. I've lost many good men by being silly, but I am over that now!

Really? I thought kylee looked way hotter in the old picture. Wow. I'm on here WAY too much.

LiterOfCola 16

There's nothing silly about having turn offs. It's normal

Is your name Peter Griffin, by any chance?

KiddNYC1O 20

Peter got confidence and swag, I doubt he's small.

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You, lady, have a funny, non-logical mind. "A little penis gives no pleasure at all, how dare those girls complain about it!" You do realize you are the rude one by saying that (by which I mean the first part of that sentence), don't you? Anyway, if the sex was good before this discovery, what's the problem - besides a hurted ego? Chicken or Godzilla ****, if you both were happy with it, the actual size shouldn't be such a deal.

Exactly. If everyone was happy and there was no problem before OP did something stupid. Then what should change now? Nothing should. The penis is still the same as before.

I meant much. My sister had a boyfriend with a small penis, and she was always complaining about the sex. I got annoyed and told her that she should be lucky that she had a boyfriend, and one that wasn't self-conscious about it.

Boaf... I can understand your sister. I mean, sex is an important part in a relationship. If your sexual needs aren't satisfied, you'll get frustrated and your whole relationship, no matter how good it was, will suffer. Having a small penis doesn't necesarily mean you can't satisfy your partner, you just need to be creative and have some good hands and tongue. Which your sister's boyfriend perhaps missed.

Yes, possibly. It was more the fact that she was annoying me every chance she got about her boyfriend. My point (in my original comment) was that girls should just shut up about small dicks and maybe suggest some interesting ideas in bed to give them more pleasure..

Thumbs up for you there, Kyliebear.

Thankyou. :)

#44 So she shouldn't whine about her bf being bad in bed because "she is 'lucky' to have a boyfriend"? What kind of logic is that? That's something I imagine someone very lonely and desperate for any kind of relationship would say. I can see her complaining that he hit her and you'd be "quit your bitching, you're lucky to have a boyfriend!". The point of relationship is to communicate and point things that bother you out. And you're her sister so ofc she confined in you. And there is no luck in having a partner who is bad in bed.

You just have a small ****.... Denial boy.

Wow, that sounds like the most useless superhero... "they're not going to kill the hostages, they're not going to kill the hostages, they're not going..."

The hostages are dead.

It's been said before, but "A small dagger in the hands of a well trained ninja is still a deadly weapon."

And there goes your manhood.