By - 4/4/2021 07:59

Money, well, get back, I'm alright Jack…

Today, I found out that they won't hold my stimulus for child support, only to find out that they withheld it to give it to me when I file my taxes. Which child support will take. FML
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By  bleachedraven  |  11

Yes, you need money to live, but kids first!!! They wouldn't be taking your tax money if you weren't behind! The kids deserve better!

  Plop  |  9

What if the kid is mini-Hitler? Would the kid still deserve better then? There isn't enough information in the FML to conclusively determine that the child isn't basically a real-life Chucky, so we shouldn't judge!

(For the avoidance of doubt, that was sarcasm)

  Joshua Crane  |  2

You realise some of us are ordered to pay child support even though we have the kid more and pay for everything anyways on top of it ......get over yourself until you learn the whole story

  Joshua Crane  |  2

Nothing here indicates that he is a dead beat at all all it indicates is that the woman requested child support and he is required to pay more than he can pay..... Remember some of us are really good dads being taken advantage of by the mother of our child even though we pay for everything and spend more time with the child and the mother they still are still manipulative enough to do this to us

  mike3775  |  32

Oh please. They don’t just take child support and taxes right off the bat when you get behind. It takes months to get to that point, since everything has to go through the court system. If the stimulus check got taken, that equals deadbeat, because that also means that the OP also hasn’t gotten a refund check from the IRS either.

I know first hand how long it takes to get garnishments started under the system, whether it’s for child support, unpaid medical bills, etc. It is not a show up, and get the garnishment.