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  edteach  |  0

everything affects pplz differently, smoking weed and running a half marathon, after a 60 mile cycle session sounds like a great time to me! never got the urge to break into houses nekid tho....

  SirSantpoort  |  0

I hope you mean stoned as in high from the rocks as in Crack! Otherwise its bulls. When i smoke weed i just wanna sit and do nothing. All you stupid Americans see weed as something special, with your "trips and adventures". Its SOFTdrugs, not harddrugs. the name says it. soft.. Its for children. Come to Holland and pass out.

By  Residence_fml  |  4


this is the reason why you should allow soft drugs in a country at least it's more under control with a certain amount you can legally buy so people won't be able to go thát far over their limit.

Besides it's always a great idea to let at least 1 or 2 sober people watch over the stoners, no matter what drugs they are doing. (Don't do myself but I hear it's for the best)


  emmmilyyy  |  0

hatey I'm sorry but you've wasted a lot of your time... stoned people do not need babysitting. it's not like you start hallucinating and try to jump off a 10 storey building. stoners are fully capable of playing cod and eating cheetos without someone staring them down lol!! do your friends lace their weed with pcp???

  KMilliron  |  2

Last time I left a group of my stoned friends (on just weed) unattended they ran naked up my street, stole a handicapped sign, and then coated my lawn in fucking macaroni and cheese.

  yzf250rider88  |  2

well you just have shitty friends who are trying to pretend to be high because that does not happen. I'm sure you people that are bashing smokin have never tried is so until you do, don't pretend like you know what it's like. if you need a babysitter while smoking you have issues other then being high.

  KMilliron  |  2

My iq is dropping reading your posts. I've heard of contact high but I didn't know that just reading some of your posts would kill brain cells too. I have never done weed. I never will. I'm not bashing your decision so stop pretending to know exactly how every person reacts to every joint that has ever been smoked.

Too many variables for you to even pretend to take into consideration. So please just don't.


I smoke weed all of the time and I'm fully aware of what I'm doing. I even did LSD without a baby-sitter. Unless people are just naturally stupid, there is no need to have someone watch you while you are high on marijuana.