By hannahj88 - 16/10/2010 04:41 - Australia

Today, while working at the bakery, I slipped on a pen. I dropped the pie rack I was holding full of pies right on my face. I now have a burn mark on my cheek that looks like a swastika. FML
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Them: "OMG! You have a swastika branded into your face!!" You: "Yeah, I got it years ago when I was in charge of the ovens." Them: *looks horrified* *runs away* You: "No! You don't understand! I was working in a bakery!!!" You: "FML."

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Swastika shaped pie racks. Sounds like a very family oriented place.


lol^^ go team Adolf!

You know, like Teams Jacob and Edward? Maybe not the best team, but I only had a Swastika to work with.

It actually is pretty good. Fuck vampires, fuck werewolves, go mass murderers!

WTF!!! this better be a joke

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when #1 said it I'm like whatever but when 32 said it I laughed :)

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hello dere!

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Well you know what that means OP! You must be the reincarnate.

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Stalin owned hitler and everyone knows it. I'm team Stalin he killed more people.

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Team Pol Pot?

FFML_314 11

Swastika shaped pie racks. Sounds like a very family oriented place.

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HAHAHA , good one :)

I lol'd :D

Actually, I think the swastika burn mark came from a pie. You know how they put those extra strips of pastry on top of a pie so they know the filling?

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Mmm them some good Jew pies

@18: The Internet. You just won it.

I'm sorry but if you happen to spot Jews, turn the other cheek literally or you're fucked.

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just get something to cover it up.

Yeah like burn the skin around it

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I'd be pretty turned off if I saw that. God only knows what else you use those ovens for.

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shell turn on a lot of guys in all she needs is a little mustache

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WAS THERE APPLE PIE AND IS IT OK?????? I know mean or stupid joke but I fucking love apple pie grr

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what are you talking about? she has a swastika on her cheek; they were probably Jew pies.

That does suck... Especially if you're Jewish.

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that must of been a pretty big pen for you to slip like that... i'm just sayin'...

god must want you to be a Nazi pig.

sucks for you. FYL